What We’re Obsessed With: Dainty Cat-Print Tops by Supayana


I recently read an article on Forbes.com titled “Single Cat Ladies and Soccer Moms Will Beat Teens at The Hunger Games Box Office.” Um, excuse me? While I don’t dispute that women over the age of nineteen will probably make up the bulk of the box office haul, why do cat ladies who also happen to be single have to be dragged into this?

I mean, the whole premise of the book is kids fighting to the death — certainly not your stereotypically genteel “cat lady” topic — and the only cat that figures into the whole plot is a “hideous-looking” tom named Buttercup whom our heroine, Katniss Everdeen, tries to drown.

That being said, this single cat lady will be heading out to the movie theater this weekend (with a taken, non-cat-lady friend, I might add) to express our love for young adult fiction without shame. I’m not sure what I’ll wear for the big night out, but I’ll be wishing it was one of the dainty kitty creations from Supayana. The Canadian designer got inspiration for her latest one-of-a-kind and limited-edition pieces from the cat illustrations of artist Olivia Mew, and incorporated them into sweet, summery tops with just the right amount of feline flair.

There’s no way I would survive the real Hunger Games (no squirrel or bunny meat for me, thanks), but I hope that Cinna would dress me in some fierce cat fashions, so at least I’d look cute when Katniss from District 12 took me down.

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