What We’re Obsessed With: Cat-Eye Cut-Offs by Mad Mix Fashion

Are you bold enough to bare your feline soul in a daring pair of denim shorts?

Stephanie Harwin  |  Apr 25th 2012

Stars like Kristen Stewart and Vanessa Hudgens rocked itty-bitty denim shorts all over this year’s Coachella festival, but their duds have nothing on the original, catty creations of Britt J. from Mad Mix Fashion. Fortune favors those bold enough to wear the designer’s upcycled cut-offs, which she creatively embellishes with an ominous feline gaze.

For those not brave enough to give the world a cat’s-eyeful from behind, Britt also offers a more subtle leopard-print design, as well as non-cat patterns like birds, feathers, and tribal-inspired prints. The only trouble is, much like their prowling counterparts, these kitties of the night won’t stick around for long. Each hand-painted pair is one-of-a-kind, so if you see something you like, pounce on it!