We Want It Meow: Charming Feline Jewelry from Catbird

Purr! Want to make your cat-lovin' Valentine's day? Catbird's kitty bling is the perfect gift.

Stephanie Harwin  |  Feb 1st 2013

I recently came across Catbird, thanks to the Twitter account of Maude Apatow, daughter of Jude Apatow and his wife, actress Leslie Mann. The 14-year-old cat lover tweeted a picture of an adorable pair of sleepy kitty studs she received from the Brooklyn-based retailer, which compelled me to check out their website for even more feline-related fashion goods.

True to the Catbird name, you’ll find feline jewelry selections in every price range, from the sleeping kitty studs for $14 to a cat ring with sapphire eyes that will set you back $320. It also has gold and silver cat face earrings, an eye mask, and a kitty ears hat, to keep you covered all winter long.

Another standout is the 14-karat gold cat ring by Bittersweets NY that transforms a delicate piece of precious metal into an eye-catching accessory.

The Catbird shop is located in the hipster haven of Williamsburg, NY, and specializes in carrying local designers, but doesn’t limit its stock to items created on the East Coast. While its primary focus is on jewelry, you’ll also stumble across a quirky array of gift ideas including glassware, terrariums, candlesticks, cards, tooth fairy boxes, and candles.

To check out more cool accessories created by independent designers, check out its website at Catbirdnyc.com.