Warning: This Column Contains a Naked Cat Photo


Hello EveryPAWdy! OMG I cant believe that October is GONE! I had soooo much fun dressing up that now all my regular clothes look so BLAH!

Anyways, I want to address MY TONGUE. It seems that many of you are very curious about my signature pose. Every supermodel has one, you know? My version (which Im sticking with) is that a little tongue is sexy fur photos; also from fur away it looks like I have sensual fuller lips (not like Restylane or Juvederm ones). The point is that it looks GREAT in photos. On the other paw, my doc says that my jaw is slightly furward and thats why I do this, which is total BALONEY! Im purrfect and I dont have any impurrfections.

Somebody wrote me saying that I stick my tongue out because I hate my clothes or something like that and that Im purrbably related to the editor and thats why I got this column!

OMG sooo not truth, both of the accusations! So just fur today Im including a photo of me NAKED, so please, if you suffer from heart disease or you cant handle too much sexiness I suggest you skip that photo fur your own health! (It is at the bottom of this post.)

But enough with the drama: I have some very cool news. Furrst is that I reached the 5,000-fan mark on Facebook! And the second is that I was featured on BuzzFeed! Yeiii Im sooo super happy, guys!

Now here is my week in pics!

Friday, Oct. 28

On Furrday I was Tinkerbell! I just love this costume so much.

The colors are sooo sweet ÔÇö and who doesnt love wings?

Saturday, Oct. 29

Everypawdy loves butterflies, and on Caturday I was one!

I got this costume at TJ Maxx fur $9.99! (I think) and is super comfy and cute. Best buy ever!

Sunday, Oct. 30

Fur be honest I have been waiting fur the kids asking fur treat or trick since FURDAY, and on Sunday I spent a lot of time on the window next to the candy bowl, but sigh, nobody came!

I was also super surprised that they had Halloween decor at church.

Monday, Oct. 31

Yeiii! Monday was finally Halloween Day! Do I look MEGA ULTRA FABULOUS OR WHAT?

Fur reals, I need some time to recover the few grams of humility that I had on me!

Tuesday, Nov. 1

Tutu Tuesday was the hardest this week. I guess this is how Anne Hathaway feels after wearing an Oscars gown oh well! I did my best! I bought this tutu at a garage sale, can you believe it? Somebodys trash, somebodys treasure!

My shirt has a super cool technology that actually measures body temperature. Very handy fur dogs that dont know how to complain about the heat. I dont have that purrblem ÔÇö as soon I feel hot I will be bitching about it like Naomi Campbell.

Wednesday, Nov. 2

Wednesday was the Day of the Dead and I celebrated remembering my two great-grandmas. We miss them sooo much!

It was super fun to decorate the skulls. The skull that has a crown on it and a tutu fur a neck was my version of Queen Elizabeth, The other one, I’m not sure who she is but she sure looks like fun and has great style!

You have to check out my Lunatoon about Dia de los Muertos

Thursday, Nov. 3

Fur Thursday I choose a comfy dress with tons of color and character!

I also got my fall decor going on, as you know I look great in orange (well, and the rest of the colors, lol).

And thats it, guys! We ended Halloween fashion, Im sorry I couldnt wear all the stuff I had, so you guys have to stick with me till next year. I want to share with you some of my Halloween videos. I purrsonally like my Snow White one best!

Me as Tinkerbell.
Me as Snow White.
Me as a Little Devil.

Please check my Purrsian Rescue Page fur find Purrsians in need. We Purrsians cannot survive in the wild and we get neglected very often ÔÇö you will be amazed how many of us ended up in shelters or rescue groups.

Dont furget to furriend me on Catster, and fur daily updates and fashion, join me at my Facebook fan page!

Have a great weekend, everyPAWdy!


PS. Here is the naked photo of me. If this photo hits the tabloids, shame on you!

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