Tough Ex-Cop Cat Guy Melts Like Butter Over Cats


Tough Ex-Cop Cat Guy Melts Over Cats. As Part Of The Ongoing CatsterΒ Series Profiling Cat Guys, I’m Showcasing Jeff Cat Guy Extraordinaire.

As part of an ongoing series of profiles of the Cat Guys we love, today I’m showcasing Jeff, a tough ex-cop with asthma who beat the allergy odds to become Cat Guy extraordinaire. He’s the proud guardian of Jasper, Tigger, Spud, Sammie, Jinx and Bailey. His wife, Janie, tells the story:

I just read the wonderful story about that dear sweet man David and his wonderful wife in your post on straight men and cats!!! Although my story isn’t nearly as touching it is so much like what I went through with my now wonderful husband Jeff!

I have ALWAYS loved cats but wasn’t allowed to have any until I was finally out on my own. At one point my father did not like cats at all (but after being around mine he turned into one big cat lover) plus my brother and sister were allergic. I had been single all my life and one of my main requirements for any future husband was that he HAD TO LOVE CATS!!!

I met my future husband Jeff at a Christian Singles group and right away he took an interest to me. When I found out he had asthma I didn’t think there was much hope so I pretty much wrote him off! I knew he liked animals just fine and after being a cop for 17 years I just assumed he would be much more of a dog person!

Well, as we started to date I didn’t expect anything to go much further. I didn’t even think he would be able to come in my house with my cats…after all he did have asthma but he insisted he loved cats and wanted to try!

As time went on, we discovered that they didn’t even bother him! That is almost unheard of as it is usually cats, not dogs that people are more allergic too…especially people with asthma! Much to our pleasant surprise, cats did not bother him at all!

A few months into our relationship he decided he would get his own kitten to see how he could handle it. He adopted Jinx from the pound as a kitten and instantly those two had a wonderful bond and not once, did he ever have any problems with her!

Now we are married and when my 3 cats and I moved in it still did not cause any problems. Right when I thought that we were through with 4 cats a sweet little black kitten showed up in my mother’s flower garden and Jeff is the one that ended up really wanting to adopt him ( I did too but didn’t dream he would want anymore cats) so we did. But Jeff wasn’t done yet! We have since added Sammie (again Jeff’s idea) and even dished out all the money to get him fixed, shots, tests the works and make him an inside cat! You wouldn’t think another tough previously single man could possibly melt like butter over our furry babies!!!

I have no doubt that even if I hadn’t come along, Jeff would still have his incredible love for cats!!! Yes, even a tough ex-cop!!!!

Are you a Cat Guy or know someone who is? Tell me your story!

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