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Love Tolkien? Love Cats? You Are About to Lose Your Mind

These cat products by IF Industries don't exist in our world yet, but one can dream.

Liz Acosta  |  Feb 19th 2013

Wait — what’s that your cat is doing? Is he doing his best Gollum impression? Sitting there on your lap, kneading your belly fat, drooling with his eyes rolling back into his head? Shhh ÔǪ what’s that? Is your cat purring, “My preshusssssssssss?” What’s that your cat is clutching? Is that ÔǪ THE RING? ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL?

No wonder your cat seems able to vanish and reappear like magic. But what if you could give your cat his own epic fantasy adventure?

IF Industries was also wondering that, which is how it came up with these Tolkien-inspired concept pieces.

A Hobbit-hole litter box? Uh  yes!

A castle from which your kitty can perch and sear you with the Eye of Sauron? YES!

A jar of Old Toby’s Kitty Weed for your cat to sniff and melt back into an armchair as he meows yarns of his great adventures chasing elusive red dots and moth creatures, while scaring birds off the lawn with a great gnashing of his teeth? YES, PLEASE!

If anyone tells you cats aren’t as cool as dogs because cats “don’t do anything,” simply regale them with the tail of There and Back Again: A Kitten’s Adventure (Darting From the Litter Box to the Living Room and Then Back to the Litter Box).

Photo: British Shorthair Tabby cat and kitten play in a castle by Shutterstock

Via Hauspanther, images via IF Industries