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For animals who spend hours each day bathing themselves, cats are surprisingly unenthusiastic about jumping into the tub for a real bath. That doesn’t stop us from having a laugh at their expense. Here’s a Cat Bath 13, hot from my email inbox:

“But you said you loved me!”

“You. Will. Pay.

With God as my witness, you will pay.”

“You call this water warm?”

“I don’t think I like you anymore.”

“You lied!”

“E.T., phone home…. QUICK!”

“No, I am NOT your good little kitty anymore.”

“Traction! I’m losing traction!”

“Tonite I pee on everything you own.”

“No, No, No, No, NOOOOOOO!!”

“Honey, I shrunk the cat!”

[IMG CREDITS: Top: Bad Kitty Gets a Bath by Nick Bruel; photos 2-12: email – unknown source; 13,14: icanhascheezburger.com]