We May Be “The Cat Pack,” San Francisco Bay Guardian, But I Am THE QUEEN


Hello my LunAddicts! In case you were under a rock last week, I appeared on the cover of the San Francisco Bay Guardian. I’m in company of other celebrikitties, though fur be honest I didn’t know most of them because I don’t follow anybody. I’m not a follower, I’m a LEADER! Since I unwillingly shared the cover of the SFBG I decided to look fur them, because you know a queen needs to know her subjects.

Let’s talk furst about the girls, Lil Bub and Tardar Sauce aka Grumpy Cat. Poor girls — both are dressed like a boys in the Illustration, and if you ask me, it’s their fault! Because they are not girly girls fur be honest, so anyone can easily get confused. I mean, if you like to get confused fur a boy be my guest, purrsonally I don’t!

I remember one time that I was at Petsmart with clothes and bow and somebody asked my momma, “Is THAT a BOY?” Seriously I was like, “Shoot me now woman!”

Anyway, in the article Lil Bub dude Mike Bridavskyn said, I quote, “Bub’s always naked, she doesn’t wear stupid outfits.” Of course I got super offended guys, but I got a nice apology from Mike. The lesson here is, don’t hate! Everypawdy is PAWsome and unique in their own purrfect way.

Of course Maru was part of the Cat Pack, after all he has been around the longest. Maru is a simple guy that likes to jump in boxes. BORING! I mean it was cute and funny the furst 20 videos! Hello?!? Maru, I want you to try to jump in boxes dressed up. THAT is a challenge!

The huge guy in the Illustration is Colonel Meow. Did you know he was rescued by my furriends at Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue? Very cool! Anyway, it seems that Colonel Meow suffers from delusion, he thinks he is a Colonel. He is a lot of fun! He even hangs out with a big doggy and doesn’t care how bad he smells. CRAZY!

To Colonel’s right is No No Cat. What can I say about the Russian Native? Be POSITIVE! You can’t say NO to everything — what if somebody offers you a shopping spree in Neimans Marcus? Also it can’t be good fur your health FUR REALS — you can get the runs!

Finally we have Henri, le Chat Noir. OMG who doesn’t melt fur that fake French accent? He is the existentialist in the pack — he is that boy who is sooo deep that you feel irresistibly attracted to. And soon you realize you are taking Xanax, Vicodin, and paying for a shrink every Furday!

I know there are many other famous kitties, but sorry we are the ones in the Cat Pack. I want to thank Caitlin Donohue fur interviewing me, clearly she have an eye to detect stars! I want to share with you my FAVE question:

SFBG: “Why do you think so much attention is being paid these days to Internet cats?”

LTFK: “That’s an easy answer, we are WAY more interesting and cute than purrsons. Also we provide a stress release fur everyPAWdy. Do you know how many purrsons are stressed just in the USA? TONS girl, and every year it gets higher. Bottom line, we are not going anywhere, our cuteness is the healthy PROZAC! Well, at least my megaultracuteness is 100 purrcent natural — and the only side effect is that you might turn into a cat lady :).”

If you want to read the whole PAWsome interview, click here.

Thanks so much fur reading me today guys, and in case you dare not to like me yet on Facebook, Twitter, and here on Caster, you can do it now!

Fur last, if you are interested in falling in love, just go to my website to check all the purrsians that are looking fur their FURever home. Have a great weekend, and if you go shopping, keep me in mind! LOL!

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