Catster Obsessions: The Art of Shinn’s Cat Doodles

Two cuddling kitties in the shape of a heart? We're in love.

Stephanie Harwin  |  Feb 13th 2013

Put two affectionate kitties together, and what do you get? A whole lot of love in the shape of a cat lover’s heart. Artist C. Shinn, otherwise known as The Art of Shinn, is the creator of the heartwarming Cat Love design, available on a variety items through Society6.

There’s not a sight much more aww-inducing than a pair of happily napping kitties, and when they just happen to come together to make a sleepy heart, the level of cute overload is through the roof!

Feline aficionados can add flair to their decor with a Cat Love print or throw pillow, or display some kitty love on their sleeve (or whole body, in this case) in the form of a colorful tee or hoodie, or on a cool natural canvas tote.

Shinn is a self-taught artist based in Canada who is inspired by her yearly pilgrimages to Hawaii for the surf season, although as far as we know, she doesn’t encounter any kitties out in the surf!

Visit Society6 to get schooled on The Art of Shinn, and pick up these feline sweethearts for yourself.

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