Salute to Samoa, Violet, Calvin and Family


Salute to Some of Our Oldest Friends and Their Costume Contest Win!

Some of our oldest and best Catster friends are Samoa, Violet, Calvin and Autumn (a Dogster, who went to the Bridge last year). Since we’ve known them, their ranks have expanded to include Rocky (a geezer Dogster), Gleek, Spunky, Sugar and Newman.

Last night, Samoa and the Gang won a couple of prizes in the Cat Blogosphere Halloween Contest, and I wanted to take this opportunity to not only acknowledge their win, but also to acknowledge the extraordinary effort the entire family puts into every holiday. For example, as their Halloween entry, they dressed up as Snow White and Seven Dwarfs. Yes, folks, that involved getting 7 cats and a dog dressed and photographed.

Samoa as Snow White

Calvin as Sleepy

Violet as Doc

Gleek as Happy

Spunky as Sneezy

Newman as Dopey

Sugar as Bashful

Rocky as Grumpy

Knowing how difficult it is to get 2 or 3 cats into costumes and photographed, I salute them for all the work that goes into their efforts. You guys rock!

As each new holiday approaches, I’m always eager to see what this family will be wearing to celebrate. Today was no exception. Right on schedule, their Catster profiles have already been updated with an Autumn/Thanksgiving theme. My favorite might be Calvin’s Indian Princess costume!

If these cool cats look familiar, you may have run across them while voting in the World’s Coolest Cat Show on Catster. Which is my cue to remind you that you have only 13 days left to enter and vote!

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