Love Metal: Outlaw Kitty Accessories by Watto

Arizona couple creates a line of accessories for cat lovers who don't go for all-adorable, all-the-time.

Stephanie Harwin  |  Jun 20th 2012

My tastes tend toward all things adorable, and a lot of cat fashion is aimed in that direction. But not all of it induces the gag reflex in cute-phobics. Enter Watto and its everyday street couture accessories including handmade belt buckles, keychains, and money clips by metal artist Jon (Watto) Watson.

Watto makes biker, rocker, goth, and steampunk designs in Arizona with the help of his wife, Mary. They’ve gained a celebrity following, especially among rock bands, and even the Cat Daddy himself, “My Cat From Hell” star Jackson Galaxy.

The line of Outlaw Kitty accessories is arguably the most bad-ass of the duo’s designs. The snarling, fanged feline with crossbones is made for the cat man or woman who isn’t afraid to express a love for cats while still maintaining their claws.

Check out more of the couple’s edgy metal designs in the Etsy shop, Watto Online.