National Dress up Your Pet Day: Top 5 Feline Fashionistas for 2011


Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer.

Today is best holiday of the hole entire yeer: National Dress up Your Pet Day!!!

As you may or mayn’t know, I LOVE to look fashionable, but it takes hard werk to look yer best evry moment of evry day. To celebrate National Dress up Your Pet Day, I’d like to recugnize the Top Five Feline Fashionistas for 2011. Follow them and lern how to be yer fashionable best!

These feline versions of Audrey Hepbern, Jakkey Kennedy and Liberachey are classy kittehs who are never spotted by the pawpurratzi looking like sumthing you’d find in the litter box.

So with no ferther adoo, heer are the Cat’s Meow’s Top Five Feline Fashionistas of 2011 as chosen by me:

NUMBER 5: Hazel Lucy

Hazel Lucy not only wears fashionable kyoot owtfits, she also designs and knits kyoot cap-and-scarf owtfits fur her fellow feline fashionistas. Good werk, HL!

NUMBER 4: Marvel Ann

A finalist in the World’s Coolest Cat Contest, Marvel Ann has an enviable closet full of fabulous feline fashions, including PINK CROCS!!!! I have pink Crocs, too, but I don’t wear them with the panache that MA does.

NUMBER 3: Newman

Newman will be the ferst to tell yoo that he rools the roost in his house. We were going to give 3rd place to Samoa, but Newmie explaned that he is the fashun genius, not Samoa. Thanks fur the clarification. Concats, Newmie.


At 22-yeers-yung, Taz is the oldest of our Top 5 Feline Fashionistas. Despite having major abdominul serjery recently, Taz still has the “It” factor.

NUMBER 1: Daisy the Curly Cat

Surely thare cood be no dowt the Daisy the Curly Cat is the Top Feline Fashionista in the yooniverse. She even has her own closet for her kyoot owtfits:

Daisy the Curly Cat dispenses fashion advice so that other cats can lern how to be fashionistas just like her. If you want to know what feline fashions are trending upwerd, just chek with Daisy! She’s like a furry version of “W” (the magazine, not the prezident).


We’d also like to give an honorable menshun to Harley for the MOST IMPROOVED Fashionista. Harley hasn’t qwite mastered the art of pulling together a catwalk-worthy look, but he does give it his best shot. We purrdict he mite even make it into Top Five Feline Fashionista territory next yeer.

Concats to all the winners! How did YOU dress up for National Dress up Your Pet Day?

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