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We had so many terrific entries for the Mother’s Day “Best Cat Mom” contest, that I wanted to give some blog space to a few of the entries that fell into the very large “best of the rest” category. Enjoy!

Chai posted a comment on May 6th, 2009 at 6:17 am

Me-Wow Skeezie – youve got your work cut out for you – these are some purrty pawsome Cat Moms!!

You know as I read the posts it reminded me of what our Sweet Angel Scooters mom wrote in her diary when Scooter went to the bridge:

Scooter was our special girl and she meant the world to us. Was she more important or special than your kitty, who means the world to you? No. Scooter just happened to have a lot of friends in this place called Catster, where we start out to show our love for our own cats and then, somewhere along the way, start to love others cats almost as if they were ours.

I think its the same with these incredible Cat Moms – is anyones mom better or more special than some otherkitties? Not to us. Shes our mom and shes number one to us. So to all of you Cat Moms I say thank you. Thank you for feeding, petting, adopting, rescuing and loving us. Thank you for caring for us and even yes, for taking us to the Vet. And thank you Skeezixs Food Lady for this wonderpurr opportunity to hear about all of these special and good-hearted ladies we kitties call Mom. You make the world a better place each and every day.


jeter harris put on his poet’s hat to write the following:

a poem fer mi mom by jeter harris

mi mom iz grate an reelee swell
she lookz ok an hazza nice smell
she feedz me, luvz me, givz me voice
uv all da mudderz shed be mi choice
took me in wen she swore no more catz.
wont dress me up or make me ware hatz
gave me a good home anna perfect name
if u dont pick dis woman it wood be a shame
becuz mi momz da best cat mom dat iz true.
but winner or not, mom i will alwayz luv u.
da end.

pee ess i dont mind a raw mowse evree now an den.

Stanley wrote:

My mom she loves me very much,
I love her very soft touch.
She loves me so much, my collar is even cutoure,
No mom could ever love me more!
At night she rubs my chin,
And when it is time for bed she tucks me in!
When my teeth needed to be cleaned,
My mom forked over five hundred in green.
Some people said she was crazy, its just a cat..
But my mom loves me and laughed at that!
My mom took me in when noone else would,
She loves me like noone else could.
My mom is my best friend,
Her love is unconditional and will never end!

Bella wrote:

I am Bella. I nominate my mom and wrote her this

I love the way you make me purr
Run my brush through my fur
Bring me food and change my litter
Get me the best kitty sitter
I love when you scold kitty brother
Because I know you are my mother
I love you for my kitty treats
All the lovely fish and meat
I love you for my big lovely bed
Where I can sleep on Daddys head
I love you even when Im having notions
You will always have my purred devotion
So please just let me say to you,
Happy mothers day-
From Bella, and sigh, Ruffy, too.

Meep wrote a song:

(to be sung to the tune of I love Bosco (wow! thats showing someones age . . .)

I love my meowmie, shes so good to me!
And she does her very best when shes petting me.
I love meowmie, she takes good care of me.
If she won I know shed give extra tuna to me!

Oh I love meowmie! My heart is bonded to her.
She sings me lovely silly songs
and then I start to purr!

Oh I love meowmie and meowmie loves me too.
I know that if shes the one to win
then she will yell whoohoo!!


Kingsley, the previously obscure poet wrote:


As a mom
Shes not so hot.
She says No! No!
To me a lot.
To ME! The King of
Mayhem! Then
She says No! No!
To me again!

Dont climb that screen!
Dont act so mean!
Dont chew that plant!
Dont eat that ant!
Dont bat that earring
To the floor!
Im telling you,
Shes such a bore!

But she loves me
Thats the thing
That I find worth
She even takes me
To her work!
(My furs all over
Her black skirt!)

By Kingsley James
Previously Obscure Poet

Little Bit wrote:

Hi Skeezix, I nominate my mom because she wrote this beautiful poem for my dear friend Shep McCormick and his mommy before Sheppy went to the Bridge:

My Mother’s Touch

There is no touch like my mothers touch,
As she smooths and strokes my fur
Even with my eyes closed tight
I always know its her.

There is no voice like my mothers voice
When she calls or says my name
My ears perk up when I hear it
No other sounds the same.

There is no kiss like my mothers kiss,
So tender and so sweet.
It tells me how much she loves me
From my ears down to my back feet.

There is no love like my mothers love,
A gift beyond compare.
No matter what the future holds,
I know shell always be there.

Napoleon wrote:

What Do Mums Do?

When I first came home, I was much tinier than average.
When I dropped to 1 lb. Mum picked me up and kept me warm
in her bed for 2 weeks!

How Nice is She?
My mum plays mice with me.
When I lose one under the armoire,
she always has another!
My mum is as nice as mice.

When I Complain
I complain about going.
I complain about returning.
I complain about the medicine.
But I never complain about feeling good again.
My mummy knows how to make me feel good again.

Does My Mum Know How to Play?
I think play is the second most important thing in any smart cats day. We gotta know how to get new toys, so its important to lose em, break em, or chew em to bits!
to get more of them.
My mummy BUDGETS for my toys.
And we play mice, feathers, stick, this or that every single day.
My mum is the GREATEST!

Now What is the Most Important Thing About My Mum?
She gets my food, of course!
When I want it raw, its raw.
When I want it canned, its canned.
When I want kibble, its kibble!
If I wanna change to beef and liver, or sliced, beef, or beef feast, or chicken liver,
Imagine having a mummy who gives you what you want ALWAYS!


After so many creative entries by the right-brained cats among us, it’s only fair to give a left-brained cat a chance. Cat moms who are dealing with long-term health issues that require daily meds and treatments will appreciate this quantification of their love:

Shabby wrote:

My sister Kalin passed away recently this year on 1/13/09, but before she crossed The Rainbow Bridge she had shared with me loving stories on why she thought our Mama was the best Mama. Kalin knew that she was a high maintenance cat that deserved to be spoiled, pampered, and cared for. She listed to me the many ways that our Mama showed how much she truly loved her little Sunshine. Kalin told me:

Mama rescued me when I was 11 months old and was headed to the chopping block
Mama told me that she loved me every single day that I belonged to her: 6544 times
I snuggled on my Mamas lap this many times (at least once a day after dinner): 6425 times (discounting her vacation days every year)
Mama ensured that I would see a long and happy life on earth: 6874 days = 18.82 years
Mama fed me this many cans of Fancy Feast every night around midnight when I meowed at her to feed me: 6425 times
Mama emptied my litter box this many times when I pooped and peed every day: 12850 times
Mama took me for annual medical examinations at the vet every year for at least this many times: 18 times
Mama gave me flea juice ointment every month religiously until I crossed The Bridge: 218 times
Mama paid for me to stay in deluxe accommodations at the vet for this many days while she was on vacation (7 days/yr): 119 times
Mama forced steroid pills down my mouth every day after I got cancer until I crossed The Bridge: 676 times
Mama forced chemotherapy (Lucoran) pills down my mouth every day (4 days every 3 weeks): 128 times
Mama dealt with my cancer for this many days: 683 days
Mama gave me insulin injection shots twice a day after I got diabetes: 5006 times
Mama dealt with my diabetes for this many days: 2545 days
Mama gave me this many enemas when I got stopped up in my old age: 5 times
Mama changed my nightly diapers this many times when I couldnt control my bladder: 2 times
Mama gave me subcutaneous fluid injections (IVs) twice a week in the last year of my life: 104 times
Mama made sure my teeth were checked and cleaned at the vet (at least once every 2 years): 9 times
Mama paid this much money to the vet (for a cancerous intestinal tumor removal) on 3/2/07: $1,100
Mama gave me a whole lobster on my 10th birthday: 1 time
Mama performed kidney massage on me when I found it hard to go peepee by myself: 30 times
Every time my folks went out to dinner each week, I was never let down when I begged for and received special treats: 2754 times

Kalin would have liked for me to relay her thanks to all the Mamas out there who have had the opportunity to know what it is like to care and love a cat through a long, happy, and sometimes challenging life.


Don’t furget: We have a badge for all cats who submitted entries to the contest:

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