Can We Talk About the Miss “America” Controversy, Guys?


O-M-G! Why always the Miss America contest needs to have some drama? Sometimes I think is all a marketing strategy to make the media go wild!

This year the controversy is that the new Miss America is from Indian heritage — her name is Nina Davuluri. Some people are getting BANANAS on every social media outlet trashing the poor girl who was actually born in Syracuse, New York.

Some purrsons twitted “She is not American enough.” Are they living in a different America?!

FURst of all, let’s make one thing clear. America is a CONTINENT, not a country. Sorry I know many might get mad at me FUR this.

From my point of view the name of the contest is just wrong. It should be MISS USA, because I don’t see Canadians or Brazilians in the competition. America goes from Canada all the way to Argentina. Also, why do you have a separate contest called Miss USA? Which one goes to Miss Universe? Soooo confusing!

Secondarily, if you are going to be “technical” here, if you are talking about truly North Americans then NO white purrsons should be allowed in this contest either! Let’s face it — the only ones that actually belong to that territory are Cherokee, Apache, Navajo, Comanche, Chippewa, Pima, Yanqui, etc.

But I’m afraid all those purrsons that are bashing the New Miss America are not mad because she is not from Apache heritage: They are mad because she is not WHITE! … Yes I say it, they are even calling her a “terrorist,” or “Miss Terrorist.” Since when are Indians considered terrorists? … This is why America sometimes ends up getting in war with the wrong countries!

I want to ask these racist purrsons: Are the Kardashians “American” enough? Maybe they are, since their mother has English, Dutch, and Scottish blood. As far I’m concerned they are Armenian descendants, and the American Armenian population is even smaller than the American Indian in the United States.

What about 50 Cent? Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch, Ray Rice, ALL football players? Are they American enough? What about Michael Jordan or Tyra Banks FUR GOD’S SAKE?

So what makes you more American? Are you more American the longer your family has been in America? How mixed you are? Your name?!? How much money you have?

Beauty and talent come in different colors and shapes,and the America I know is soooo PAWsome because it has DIVERSITY! You guys have it all, and that’s because all that rainbow of races that come together to became a great nation.

Seriously all this racist crap makes me soooo mad FUR REALS! Purrsons should learn more about us cats. We don’t hate each other fur be different, we purr and love even dogs!

Anyways if you didn’t get mad at me fur this post feel free to follow me in Facebook, Twitter and furriend me here in Catster and if you are feeling like wanting to change a furchild life come and check my page fur purrsians in need in your area!

About Luna: Luna is a Fashion Diva Extraordinaire, she has been a Catster columnist since 2011. She has been featured in many publications and was even mentioned in She likes to shop and help Persians cats who are homeless. She lives with her momma and daddy and is expecting a baby brother … she is not very happy with the future new addition to the family but is hanging in there.

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