Meet Cat Guy Graham


This Week’s Featured Cat Guy… Graham!

Note: This is one in a continuing series of “Cat Guy” profiles. Is there a Cat Guy in your life you’d like to tell me about? Send me your story!

Catster Mom Louise sent me this story about her Cat Guy partner, Graham:

My partner, Graham, is a cat guy. When we met (17 years ago, gulp!), he had fairly recently split up with his girlfriend, and was living alone in his house with two cats.
I had always loved cats so made a real fuss of his babies, Sybil and Beardsley, but Graham played down the cat lover thing, saying “oh yes, she left these cats behind and I’m stuck with them but it’s not fair to them to rehome them etc”. So I felt it was left to me to make a fuss of them.

Until I moved in….I caught him one morning feeding them saying “come on Sybil, duck and heart flavour. Your favourite” Busted! In fact he cared so much about Sybil and Bea that once when Sybil was at the vets being investigated with a mystery ailment, he got stopped for speeding on his way to pick her up, he was able to tell the policeman that his little girl was poorly and got let off! Because he meant it I think!

Both Sybil and Bea lived to good ages (19 and 21) and after they both passed away in the space of three months apart, he was devastated and wouldn’t consider getting another. Until I suckered him into visiting this poor little deaf cat (Bruce) who needed a good indoor home, and his friend (Titch). Of course he was smitten! They came home with us and we are so glad Graham fell soft!

Bruce is a complete Daddy’s boy and barely tolerates me if Graham’s there, where as Titch is my Momma’s boy and my shadow.

Here’s to Cat Guys! I’m lucky to have one myself!

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