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Internet Sensation Maru the Cat Helps Launch a Uniqlo Store

The box-loving kitty leads a promotion for the fashion brand. Yes, it involves boxes -- and prizes.

Liz Acosta  |  Sep 7th 2012

Maru is bringing his box-sitting talents to San Francisco — sort of. Employing the famous feline’s penchant for nesting in boxes, Japanese fashion brand Uniqlo is celebrating the upcoming opening of its San Francisco store with a game featuring Maru.

The Lucky Cube giveaway finds Maru faced with four boxes, each of which contain a prize: a Heat Tech Shirt, an Ultra Light Down Jacket, a ride in a blimp, or a mysterious offering of wonder and surprise. You need a Facebook account to play, and then you get to watch Maru mull over his options and finally select a box to jump into, granting you your prize.

So let’s see … one cute Japanese cat sensation jumping into boxes and doling out prizes combined with a stylish Japanese fashion brand known for producing quality casual basics? This sounds like a match made in heaven.

And if you’ve ever wondered whether Maru is a diva on set, here’s behind-the-scenes footage of the promotional shoot. He’s not so much a diva as he is distracted — by the background! Oh Maru, you and your curious fascinations.

I couldn’t help playing the game myself (who can resist Maru?) and I won the mystery prize — a special secret recipe. I’ll probably never cook it, but the pleasure of watching Maru is good enough for me. And as a San Francisco resident, I can’t wait for Uniqlo’s store downtown!

Did you play the game? What did you win?

Thanks to Catsparella for this one!