In a Cat Fight with Hello Kitty, I Would Win, Obviously


Hello guys!! OMG guess who is back to the office?! ME! Im so super happy fur reals and my new office has three windows! I almost fainted ÔÇö my view is PAWsome! We are in a cool area with tons of shops and we are on top of a Mexican restaurant (not sure my mommas hips can stand that). Anyways, the new office needs some decor, but thats a purrject fur next year.

This week I was also obsessed Googling me. Is a dangerous activity! On the bright side I found a bunch of articles in French, Spanish, Dutch, and Japanese. Im kinda digging that everypawdy called me a fashion blogger. Of course, I made a Lunatoon about it.

All the blogs were nice except one in Japanese! Come on Japan! Is it because of Hello Kitty? There is no competition there. I mean, she is GOING DOWN! (You guys have to check my Lunatoon about her, too.)

Now let’s start with my life in pics!

Friday, December 9

On Furrday I wore a Juicy Couture coral dress and an animal print bow.

Fur the record, I think coral goes very well with my fur tone.

Saturday, December 10

Caturday is lovebox day! OMG was super full and that makes me feel sooo happy!

I decided to open two things a day. I got a purrsent from my furriend Linda Bohn and her furkids, who live in CaliFURnia ÔÇö it was a lovely card and a kitty ornament fur my tree.

Linda made the ornament, sooo cool!

Also the guys at TJ Maxx sent me two $25 gift cards, one fur me and one fur you guys, so pay attentions to my Facebook page this Furrday because I will make a contest fur win the giftcard! I dont know about you guys, but when I go to spend my gift card I will end up paying $250 instead of $25, lol.

I explain better my feelings in this Lunatoon!

Sunday, December 11

On Sunday I wore a super cute and warm plaid dress fur Mass, and I also open two more cards! My fanfurriends Andrea & Alex from Georgia sent me a Luna-inspired postcard, super cute!

My furriend Savanah sent me a musical card but it was broke. She said the kitty says “Meow meow,” oh well I can imagine that fur sure girl so dont worry, I love it anyways!

Dont furget to give something on this time of the year to less fortunate purrsons or furchilds, I highly recommend Food for the Poor.

Monday, December 12

On Monday I wore a super cute dress. Fur reals, burgundy and pink never look better, and my hot pink belt was too die fur!

I open a package from my furriend Linda Vyse-Condilli from Florida and O-M-G she sent me the coolest ornaments fur my tree!! Can you spot them?
One is a huge ball that says “Shopaholic” and the other one a pink purrse that says “Let’s go shopping” ÔÇö how purrfect is that?? Plus a bling keychain fur my momma.

Then I open my furriend Ana Shelton package. She is from Tennessee, and holy kittens! She sent me a lovely dress and a polka dot bow that is soooo BEYOND! Love everything! Thanks a lot, girls, you know me sooo well!

Tuesday, December 13

Tutu Tuesday was so special fur sure because I got my CALENDAR! Yeii!

Im super happy with the quality, and you know Im very hard to please! Also the packaging is super professional, waterproof, and the whole enchilada!

If you havent ordered my calendar yet, you should read this Lunatoon.

In the other paw I opened two more packages. One was from Seamus, and as everypawdy, knows he is one of my admirers and he has great taste! He sent me five ultracute outfits, toys, a Christmas bow, and a super funny card! I know all you wish your BFs and husbands were half as thoughtful as Seamus lol.

I also got a purrsent from my furriend Tracey Stephens and furchild Taffy from LA. They sent me the cutest blanket, card, and hoodie and I know was a coincidence but I love that brand Lulu pink! Is one of my FAVES.

Wednesday, December 14

Wednesday was back to the office day! OMG I feel like it has been years! Im sooo happy. I missed Luis a lot, and you know I have been working with him fur a long time and he gives the best massages.

When I got back home I open two more purrsents! Yeii! One from Jake and Elwood. They are very cute and funny brothers from Florida, they like to wear clothes too, very metrosexual! They sent me a super sweet card and bear that say Jesus Loves me. Amen to that!

Also my furriend Jennifer Brown from Canada sent me a lovely card, a flower hairpiece (too sweet) and a super fashionable jumper dress. Is sooo me, polka dots and a sequin heart!

Thursday, December 15

I die HARD fur my Thursday outfit fur reals! I cant get over myself!

I wore the bow that my furriend Ana sent me and I mixed it up with a cute sweater, a fluffy skirt, and FABulosity just happened!

I want to finish this column giving special thanks to my fanfurriends Linda Bohn and furchilds, Andrea and Alex, Savanah Garrison, Anna Shelton, Linda Vyse_Condilli, Jackie & Seamus, Tracey Stephens and Taffy, Jake and Elwood, Jennifer Brown and furchilds Jake, Chyna, and Sophie.

I want to remind you about the holiday dangers and NO in our case is not drink and drive!

Please share this Lunatoon about toxic holiday plants with all your furriends. Dont furget that Christmas trees are also mildly toxic.

See you next week, guys, and as always check my Catster purrfile and join me in Facebook fur daily updates.

And did you know that winter is the BEST time fur adopt a Purrsian? Electric bill goes down like crazy!

Fur see Purrsians in need of new homes near to you, check my website.


Ps: If you want to buy my calendar, here is the link ÔÇö and remember that we are donating to Seattle Purrsian and Himalayan Rescue!

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