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I'm Back EveryPAWdy! Late Fur My 2013 Column But Looking FAB!

Has been sooo cold down here that all I want is nap and nap and nap!

 |  Jan 18th 2013  |   25 Contributions

Happy 2013, my LunAddicts! If you have been following me on Facebook or Twitter you already know that my laptop quit on me after Christmas ... not so very Christian of her if you ask me! That's why I haven't been able to do my column. Thanks God a furriend loaned me a laptop fur a couple of hours so I could write fur you.

Furgive me because this column is going to be short but cute -- just like me lol. I have sooo much to tell you, not only my lap it's broke but also my water fountain (the ceramic one). Seriously -- shoot me now!

Anyways, thank God that my other fountain still works so I have been using that. In another paw, the weather has been HORRIBLE -- minus 11 C/ 12F!!! Of course I have been asleep more than awake -- who in their right mind will be out of bed in that climate? Not me.

zzz Juicy Couture zzz

I have been waiting all this time to tell you what Santa Paws brought me: an iPhone! Yesssss! I have been bitching since I came back to Mexico that my phone sucks fur taking my pictures and to update my page. This is why I have been able to update my page without my computer yeiii. Here I'm in front of Santa's house.

Where is my purrsent??

I have such PAWsome furriends who sent me lots of stuffs, too. I'm very grateful fur everyone. God bless you all. Here I'm with all my purrsents!

Thanks a lot to Beau, Tyson, Chloe, Angel and momma Sharon Zeto fur sent me gourmet food! Soooo fancy!

Thanks a lot fur the pawsome card to Zeus and family! Wow he is on the card looking fab! Thanks a lot guys!

Thanks a lot to the Stan Holdren family fur sent me this supercute card and nail caps!

Thanks super much to Susan, Carlos and Tinker Bell Langston fur the beautiful Xmas card! Are they super-cute or what??

I got some catnip Sushi! Yummi and cute! Thanks so much Ethan, Carolyn & Martini!

Jennifer & Dusty thanks fur remember me and sent me a Christmas card!

OMG Mr. Whiskers, Zoey and momma Rose Ewing fur sent me a very lovely Xmas card and a Xmas blessing pray! And of course the dress to die fur and HK ornament! Thanks so much guys!

I want to zzz thank The Duchesses, Mr Brian zzz oh gran'ma Flo & Ms Beazzz Beasley from Canada!

Fur last I want to remind you that today is the last day fur get my Calendar. It's already on sale -- click here to buy it.

Thanks to everypawdy that bought my calendar already!

Thanks a lot fur reading my column and I hope to get my lap back soon! Don't furget to furriend me here at Catster and please if you are looking to adopt a furrchild take a look at my Purrsians in need at my website.


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