I Got Coccidia Fur Reals? How the Poop Did I Got Sick With That?


Happy Furday, my furiends! I hope everypawdy is doing PAWsome!

As many of you know, I have been sick. As usual, it must be my pawrents fault! I got Coccidia. How the dog poop I got that nasty parasite? God knows I don’t hunt anything, so my best guess is that my PAWrents bring the parasites in their shoes, or maybe a fly on my food bring it or something like that. Just fur be safe, they should act like Japanese people and leave their shoes by the door FUR REALS. I’m recommending my momma the blog Shoes Off at the Door, Please. You guys should read it too, I’m totally obsessed with this idea.

I don’t have to say that cats are super smart, and when we are missing our little box SOMETHING IS GOING ON. PERIOD!

My momma thought that I was being a brat at the beginning but then she notice that I was also missing my box fur number two. Also, I was waking up my momma several times in the middle of the night. How many more signs the woman want? Seriously. I have to mention that my poop is never smelly. I’m not saying that it smells like roses, but not nasty like that.

Lately I was eating more wet food, so my momma thought that was the cause of my soft and smelly poop. Fur be honest I thought that God was punishing me fur my gluttony because I was begging fur food all the time.

So after three days of NO wet food and the diarrhea getting worse, my momma say, “This is it, we need to go to the vet.” I was relieved, because the emergency booty wash is sooo denigrating.

The furst thing that the vet did was to violate me!! OH GOD! Do you see that thing in his hand? Well, you can imagine the rest. Hey, if he wanted a poop sample, he just had to ask. I’m a lady FUR GOD SAKE. Then I got weighed and they said I was 10 pounds! TDP! (That’s dog poop!) How is that even possible? I was six and a half pounds the last time I went to the vet.

At that point I was violated physically and mentally, totally aggravated … then they put me to sleep fur get blood and urine samples and I they put me on a GRILL-like table. Just what I need!

They had to sedate me because I was getting super upset about the fur-cut. I mean, is not like the makeover that the girls at America’s Next Top Model get with super PAWsome specialists. We are talking vets playing groomers, and NO WAY in my right mind I was going to let them mess up with my fur-do.

Anyways, they give me medicine fur 10 days and I’m not sure is working because I still have soft poop, not smelly, but I’m still getting booty washes, ugh. Fur more info about this disease, click here.

Let’s change the topic to something more pleasant. PLEASE. Not everything has been bad, I have been opening love box mail. Here I’m with a yummy purrsent that my furriend Linda sent me. Love the treats, girl — thank you!

Thank you Jesus fur Seamus. He sent me a super cool Halloween outfit — he have the best taste fur a straight cat man. I can totally see Seamus singing, “Oh Lunaaa, oh Lunaaa, oh Lunaaa, oh Lunaaa, I had a girl and Luna was her name, since she left me ….” LOL.

From Canada I got a PAWsome purrsent from my furriends Connie & Zoe. Yeiii toys, treats and I’m DYING fur those bows!! l love the card too!

I want to thank Mr. Whiskers and his momma Rose fur sending me a catnip pillow, TEMPTATIONS, and a super sweet card. Aawww! Here I’m posing next to Mr. Whiskers’ photo.

Meet my furriend Fancy from Maryland, she is a Flame Point Himi (I’m Cream Point). She is superPAWsome and sent me a cute card and pictures!

OMG I also got a Halloween catnip pad from my furriend Donny who has a super cool store in Etsy; well, his momma told me that is closed fur now because she got surgery a few days ago. You should save her store address anyways because she made super-cute stuffs.Donny has been sick, his kidneys have purrblems. I hope both are doing good. I’m trying to match Donny’s — I’m doing a great job I might add lol!

Guys I’m sorry that I can’t post individually the following cards. My stupid vet photos invaded my column photo limit. Thanks a lot fur the cards FUR REALS!
1. Meet Miss Kitty! Isn’t she a cutie?? Fur the full-size photo click here.
2. Amy Fairchild you are too sweet! Fur the full-size photo click here
3. PIppa and Harry the Kitten that sent me that card. Fur the full-size photo click here.
4. Arianna and Michelle and furrchilds Nappy, Nugget, Momo, Casanova, Lil man, Tyger & Marley even sent me a picture! Fur the full-size photo click here.

I still have more love box mail to open, I will show you guys the rest in my next column, okay?

Get in touch, I will LOVE to hear from you guys! fur my Catster PURRfile click here, if you are in Facebook click here, now if you like to Twitter no purrblem! I’m there too! Fur follow me, click here, and most impurrtant check my purrsians in need at my website and fall in love today!

Be good and enjoy your weekend my LunAddicts!

PS: Poop flashing news – I went to see a vet in the USA side because I still have diarrhea, not eating well and acting sleepy. The vet didn’t know what else could be bothering me since the treatment that I’m taking is very good. So he want to keep the same treatment for a few days, plus a pill that will help recovering my intestinal flora and he said that was ok if I eat some pumpkin. He even test my poop again (this time my momma brought a sample) and he didn’t find any coccidia… so I must have something else.
If I don’t get better in 3 days, he said that we will try something else, he mention that we might have to do a special poop test. He also say that is possible that I can something else that I don’t remember the name but fur that they will need to do a biopsy and that sounds super scary guys!

PS2: I didn’t weight 10 pounds, since yesterday I weight 4.9 so that means that I was really about 6.5 I KNEW IT!

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