OMG I Thought I Was Going to Cross the Rainbow Bridge!


Hello my LunAddicts! I’m so thankful to be here writing my column today. FUR be honest I thought I wasn’t going to make it. After my last column I had to come back to the vet fur get hospitalized … I got sicker. Long story short, my weight drop to 4.6 pounds. I stopped eating, I was acting like a zombie, very bad! I spend my days sleeping next to my booty wash towel … that’s not life!

I even imagined the headlines: “Luna the Fashion Kitty, a Rising Star, Died Too Young.” “Good Morning America Is Sorry to Never Interviewed Luna the Fashion Kitty.” “Ellen Making a Memorial for the Undiscovered Star Luna the Fashion Kitty.”

Anyways, three vets later and several HORRENDOUS fur-cuts, I’m finally feeling better! The vet put me on new meds and prescription food, and thank God I’m feeling much better, I haven’t had a booty wash in a few days now.

OMG guys as soon I was feeling well and DANG I notice my horrible fur-cut, half of my fur neck is gone, my left paw looks like a French Poodle, and don’t let me start with my belly and PLUS I haven’t showered in days … I couldn’t wait to start grooming myself.

I want to super-thank my furiends Jackie Jones, Linda Vyse Condilli, Anna Shelton, and Angie Kritenbrink fur setting up a Chipin fur help with my medical bills and to the 50-something fanfurriends who donated, also to everypawdy that prayed fur my recovery. Thanks to you, my momma was able to keep her kidneys lol (talking serious), we were able to cover all my expenses, and we even got my special food, pill popper (GREAT INVENTION), and pill pockets (I will review this later).

I promise I will thank purrsonally each one of you and we are thinking of having a streamed video fur give you a purrsonal show and maybe meet my momma, etc. We will be emailing you FUR SURE!

When I got well enough I started opening lovebox mail! I mean, what’s better fur your health than purrsents? And my furriend Jayne Morehouse and furchilds Mario and Chloe didn’t let me down. They covered all the bases — food, treats, toy, fashion, and even some stuff fur my momma! My furriend Jayne promotes beauty stuffs so she sent my momma a dry shampoo which is a MUST HAVE fur reals, you should not wash your hair/fur every day because that will damage it. And also a blowdry spray that you have to use fur protect your hair! SUPER THANKS GIRL.

Now that I feel better I have been eating like a lioness!!! You guys should check my furriends page.

And more surprises — my furriend Wendy Kritenbrink sent me a Bret Michaels Halloween dress!! I know many had a crush on him right? I think he try to hard to be a silver Purrsian with all that black eyeliner! Thanks so much Wendy!

Aww my furriend Anna Shelton blow me away with this super special dress and hat!! I know you were worried that the dress will show my tatas but no, I think the dress will cover them just fine! Thank you soooo much girl the dress is purrfect!

My furriend Angie Kritenbrink put a creative hat on and sent me a card with a drawing! Thanks so much to the whole family.

All the way from North Carolina I got this card that melts hearts! Thanks a lot to my furriends PJ & Bill and furchilds Mattie & Callie fur sent me the card and fur buy one my tutus fur Mattie!

My furriend Jeanie Graves never FURgets me. Thanks a lot fur sent me this superpawsome card!

Ohh bummer I wish you guys could see my furriends better but the pic on the card is too small! They are my furriends Kyan & Zuli and they are super cute, thanks a lot fur the card guys.

Thanks so much to my fanfurriends Rolanda, Prince, Bowie, and Shellee Blue fur the lovely card they sent me all the way from New York. Ohh NY I can only imagine all the sales that are going on down there!! Right now is the PURRfect time to renew next year’s summer wardrobe! Shhhh don’t tell anybody that I wear last season’s clothes, just wear them like they were NEXT season … CATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!

OMG guys I just got the sweetest letter EVER from the Vallejo family! All the child purrsons in the family sent me a something, let me show you. Alida Grace turn six years old TODAY, Happy PURRday girl!! Have a wonderful party and make sure your momma take you shopping and thanks a lot fur the wonderful drawings. BTW I notice that you have a thing fur designing accessories — keep the nice work.

Uff I’m mad in this pic because Victoria wanted me to say Happy Purrday to her but since I got sick, etc, etc, I just opened her letter! TRAGEDY! I’m supermegaultraSORRY! She just turned seven. I know that’s huge so girl take it easy and just enjoy being seven, enjoy your life beFURe puberty trust me … I mean enjoy your life always, your momma knows what I mean. Thanks so much fur the letter girl.

Joshia made a PAWsome drawing of me and he really capture my sexiness and curves, how sweet is that? He also asked me if I had a BF and everypawdy knows that my momma don’t let me date but Joshia sent me a drawing of badboy and he is definitely hot! Anyone is interested in a BF?? Girls email me, I might be able to hook you up.

Guys, just look at this card!!! Thanks a lot to my furriends Savanah and Dubya for sending me the best cards EVER!! Don’t take me wrong — I love all the cards I get, but let’s face it this one is SUPERPAWsome!

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. Look at this bows! Chanel bow! OMG to die fur!! Thanks so much to Susan, Lucas, Amelia & Kiya fur sent me these super cute bows made by Angelz Bowz.

Fur last I want you to know that I’m still taking meds, and in a few days I will get my poop and pee tested and hopefully everything looks good otherwise I will need to go under for another kind of test.

I will let you know in my next column what was my final diagnosis. Today I’m doing good and eating like is no tomorrow! I got to get my curves back, I don’t want to be skinny, guys! And If I can get something good out of this whole ordeal, it’s that I got many love messages from fans who don’t normally talk on my Facebook page and Twitter wishing me a speedy recovery, and I was a witness of purrsons kindness and how God acted through all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Don’t furget to check my Purrsians in need on my website and don’t FURget to furriend me here in Catster. Have a great weekend, guys, and I’m going to take a long nap!

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