2012: Luna the Fashion Kitty’s Year in Review


2012 has been a year of constant change fur me, but all the challenges just made me even more FAB! I’m a firm believer that God never sends you stuff that you can’t handle, and everything that happens is fur a reason. Sometimes you can’t see the lesson right away and it’s hard, but only time will open your eyes. You have to take the good and put the rest in the dog-poop trash! But never furget to learn from it.

I moved three times this year! No more office and no more shopping … only God helped me thru the last one! Well, not true. Also all my fan-furriends who shopped fur me.

Moving back to Mexico didn’t stop my stardom — when you are meant to be famous, location doesn’t matter. Furst I was featured in the state newspaper, and later UK Channel 5 came to film my fabulousness! (BTW I’m annoys that they haven’t tell me when the show will air.)

You know I had my challenges as well. I got my paw injured and then I got so sick I really thought I was going to cross the Rainbow Bridge. But during those hard times, my fans came together to help me out, and to experience that love was ALMOST worth it to be sick. OK, that was a lie. I don’t want to be sick EVER, but you know what I mean lol. I LOVE YOU ALL. Thank each one of you once again.

My only constant has been my momma and my mission to spread the world of Purrsians in need. EveryPAWdy is surprised that we get abandoned and neglected to the point of almost dying — or actually dying.

It’s true we are a fancy kitty breed. It’s true we are expensive. It’s supermegatrue that we are very cute, but that doesn’t protect us from irresponsible bad purrsons. That’s why I’m very happy this year to be helping the rescue Helping Persian Cats in CaliFURnia thru my fan page and calendar. Their job is remarkable. If you need proof like Thomas the apostle, take a look at this video:

Down here in Mexico, I believe that 99 percent of persons don’t like cats, so my job is to show how MEGAPAWSOME kitties are.

Remember the kitty that got his tail blown away by a firecracker and was saved by my furriends at COAT? My momma saw Bartolo’s new momma and she said that he is super happy and that he brings gifts to them all the time. They were not so happy with the gift selection of live mice, but then he stole a chorizo bag fur Sunday breakfast, so I guess everypawdy furgot about the mice incident lol.

I also launched my fashion line — and even my fashion is helping homeless Purrsians to Dress fur Impress at the adoptions events! Click here to check a photo gallery.

Fur last but certainly not least is my momma’s engagement. I think this is the biggest change in my life. You know is hard to share fur me. I have to admit that my momma is happier than ever, and that I even prefer my daddy’s massages. Okay, I will say it, I love the man!

Haters, don’t bother to comment on my column — you all can kiss my big, lush, and purrfect fluffy butt!!

I still need your help on my calendar. We got sold out a week ago but now we are back with the LAST 100 calendars. Fur the ones that already bought one, my FAB calendar coordinator Savanah already has all the shipping labels and envelopes ready to go! She is only waiting fur the printers — you guys will get it soon!

I want to thank her fur the amazing job she did designing the calendar and organizing the whole thing! Take a look at the page dedicated to the rescue Helping Persian Cats. Remember that by buying the calendar you will be helping them — together we can make a huge difference! Click here to buy the calendar.

Guys don’t furget to furriend me on Catster, follow me on Twitter, and like me on Facebook. Have a great weekend and just be happy. That’s what life is fur!

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