I Have Good News and Bad News — Which One You Want Furst?


OMC (oh my cat), guys, I have soooo much to tell youuuuu!! First I want to congratulate all my American fans because they had their Independence Day celebration on July 4. Hopefully everypawdy took the proper safety measures with their furchilds — holidays can be very VERY dangerous fur us.

Anyways I have some news — some good and some bad. I will start with the good ones! Guess what? I sold two of my creations to my fanfurriend Courtney Mun from CaliFURnia! She rescue her baby girl Kalani last November. I can tell Kalani has been studying my modeling poses and she has mastered my signature pose. Take a look at beautiful Kalani!

Another good news is that a girl from a British TV sent me an e-mail. She is from Channel 5 and they are going to start a new documentary about furchilds that are “lavished with all manner of indulgence,” of course I totally fit in the description. They are going to be traveling around the WORLD making this documentary. Sounds very cool right? They will start filming in September so my momma have just enough time to start her DIET FUR REALS this time lol. So I guess your lost your chance Animal Planet to discover MUA!

In another paw, as everypawdy knows, I have been working on my clothing line and I have new outfits to show you! This is my sweet apple line, got to love it fur reals!

Also I designed a new tutu, that I called Heavenly!

Let me ask you something guys, because I trust you all very much. I have this concern ÔǪ that my momma is turning into Lindsay Lohan’s Momma or something! You know that I always wear a TOP with my tutus, BUT now she have been saying that purrsons are going to think that we are selling the top too, that it is “confusing” … sounds fishy to me!!

The fashion world is a dangerous place, you need to have your eyes WIDE OPEN or …

Sigh! It’s the price of being sooooo irresistible, they can’t help it and I can’t blame them!

Now I have some bad news! I got into a little accident last Sunday, was super fast that I don’t remember exactly what happen … only thing I know is that there was a chair involved. I hurt my paw very bad and on election day! My daddy found me hiding very scared and called my momma who was upstairs … when she saw the blood on the floor she dropped everything she had in her hands. We didn’t know where to go, because I don’t have a vet here yet … I’m very lucky to have such good fans in my hometown too that very quickly advised me where to go.

I want to thank my furriend Iliana who even called my momma right away, thanks a lot girl! I really hate to go to the vet. Who likes it, anyways?? You have to be crazy, right?

Anyways, the vet thought that my claw got loose but thank God is okay. Yesterday that I went fur my checkup, they found that my paw had an infection! Oh boy I got a shot in the butt and new medication … at least I was looking SUPERMEGAFAB.

It’s no shame on this cone anymore … Like my furriend Ana Shelton say, this is not the Cone of Shame, this is the Cone of Fame! My fanfurriend Sherris Peg sent me a soft cone. I hope I get it soon but fur now I have to work with what I have! No cone is going to stop my fabulosity! Thanks a lot, Sherris, fur sending it. I’m sure is going to be way more comfy.

Fur last I want to share a pic on a hat that my furriend Ana Shelton sent me because let’s be honest I look extra cute with hats and this one is just OVER THE TOP!! Love it!

That was it everypawdy — I promise to be careful with my paw fur the next week, I hope to be fully recovered fur my next column. Don’t furget to follow me in Facebook, Twitter, or here in Catster! Don’t furget to check my website fur purrsians in need.

Love you all, my Lunaddicts!

P.S.: If you want to help me out, take a look at my boutique and share it with your furriends.



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