Holy Kittens! It’s Too Much Work to Be on TV, FUR Reals!


Hello EveryPAWdy! OMG guys I had some intense days to get ready FUR my TV debut. It was a big job to get all my stuff in one place. Also I wanted a pink room soooo bad and since I don’t have a walk-in closet anymore, we got a wardrobe rack with wheels that I LOVE!

I want to thank my furriend Linda Vyse Condilli fur the wonder hangers that made possible my tutu window treatment.

The Channel 5 filming was this past Monday and was totally PAWsome but also totally draining! My momma and I woke up at 5 a.m. to start getting ready. We crossed the border to the USA to pick up Dave and Kim; they were super furriendly and patient.

Here we are filming outside the post office fur pick up my love-box mail. They didn’t let us film inside the building, because Obama was going to get mad or something like that. I want to thank every single one of you who took the time to send me something!

I promise that I will take tons of pics fur my next column. I’m sorry, but I just wanted to nap after my filming and I didn’t want to do anything else! Here I’m with all my love-box mail and the Channel 5 guys Kim and Dave.

Fur be super honest I got super nervous with the big camera, I needed some time to cool down to make sure it wasn’t a box full of dog poop or something … you never know … that’s all I’m saying. At the beginning I was so nervous that I started walking like a chicken without a head!

Anyways I got sooo tired guys during the day and I needed to be awake fur the shoots. God knows that I only wanted to nap … which I did every chance I could.

The best part was that I got to model a TO DIE FUR dress that my momma finished the night beFURe. I couldn’t look any hotter fur my TV debut.

We finished the day around 9 p.m. I was hungry and I have to admit that I fell asleep during the last part, and I don’t think that it’s unprofessional to have your beauty nap on set … when you make a living off your beauty it’s a necessity! PERIOD! Well, I don’t really make a living but you know what I mean — this girl needs to keep her face flawless.

Did I mention that they put my momma on camera A LOT?? I totally hated that. What is next? Getting a facelift and a TATAS job and talk about it on the Today show? SHOOT ME NOW FUR REALS!

Also was totally embarrassing that she fell during the shoot. My momma is soooo clumsy, she fell pretty bad painting my room too. In a few words she was a mess with bruised legs and a cold LOL.

I want to thank my furriend Angie Kritenbrink, who took a day off fur do a Skype with me. We wanted to do more Skypes but we didn’t have an exact time to tell the LunAddicts and we knew everyPAWdy was working on Monday.

The filming was not only a lot of fun but also emotional fur my momma, she told them that it is SUPERPAWsome that many purrsons FURget their purrblems by visiting my page! Makes me purr loud that I make you guys smile.

Sorry again fur not having yet my lovebox pics, you guys are soooo wonderful fur take the time to send me something. Don’t FURget that I LOVE to hear from you! Fur my Catster PURRfile, click here, if you are in Facebook click here fur my fan page, and you can follow me on Twitter, too. Just click here.

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