I’m Dying FUR the Fashion and Art in the Olympics!


The Olympics games are over and I’m still in art ecstasies! How amazing was that closing ceremony? OMG I felt like I was in a West End theater or Broadway show! The attention to detail was superPAWsome. I wonder how many rainbow guys were behind the whole PURRduction ÔǪ let’s face it, a straight man couldn’t have done that.

The British know how to celebrate their culture. The whole ceremony was a big parade of “all these SUPERMEGAULTRAPAWSOMENESS we have given to the world ÔǪ YOU ARE WELCOME.”

Fur God sake, I almost faint when Freddie Mercury appeared! As you know he was a cat lover, and I’m sure he wrote all his music inspired by his feline furriend, is no doubt in my mind. I mean, “We are the champions! No time FUR losers, we are the champions — of the WORLD.” That line can only be apply faithfully to a kitty PERIOD.

Fur some purrsons it was confusing to see the supermodels at the closing ceremony. I wonder if Naomi Campbell thinks that the “cellphone throw” is actually a sport LOL! Anyways, that bitch was FAB on that HUGE runway. Her walk is not as good as mine, but that’s too much to ask fur a purrson.

I also loved the way they celebrate the mix of other cultures and religions in Britain — I felt that was a celebration of humanity.

Now let’s talk FASHION!

All I’m going to say is: Ralph Lauren, you can do better! Also nothing says American like a French beret, right? You are lucky the models were easy on the eye.

But the worst ones were Spain and Russia’s uniFURms. the Russian designer Bosco screwed them BIG TIME … well, at least they were FUR FREE.

OMG just look at the colors! Orange pants? BRILLIANT! I’m loving this Suit Supply brand a lot. Not to mention the orange tulip accessory — TO DIE FUR!

Bob Marley’s daughter Cedella is the designer and let me tell you something, the girl has great taste. Cedella, you can design something fur me anytime girl!

And don’t let me start with the outfits fur the competitions! Of course my FAVES are the gymnast outfits, because they are sparkly all the time ÔǪ I would totally wear some of those designs. I’m very passionate about gymnastics!

I consider myself a very good gymnast, is in my veins, the balance and grace.

I don’t know about you guys but I think I gained a few pounds during the Olympics. You know, watching the TV all day and just taking breaks fur snacks! The good thing is that all the extra weight concentrates in my butt … it’s all good!

Besides the Olympics, my life has been very VERY on budget. UGGHH!

I don’t even have a special shampoo! It’s a DISGRACE, fur be honest … then my Momma wants to fix everything with treats. Of course I can’t let the treats to get wasted, that’s like a sin because there are many kitties who don’t have nothing to eat.

Let’s finish this column modeling a tutu from my collection, the color is sparkly lavender and soft pink, I’m calling it “Sweet Purrfection” (remember if you want to buy any of my designs, just e-mail me: the.fashion.kitty@gmail.com).

Get in touch, I LOVE to hear from you guys!

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Have a good weekend guys!!



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