What We’re Obsessed With: The I Like Cats Shirt by Burger and Friends


People frequently ask me why I like cats so much, and I often find myself struggling to come up with a simple answer. Is it their kissable heads and jellybean toes? Sure. The way they love you unconditionally, and seem to sense just when you need them the most? Could be.

Growing up, we always had a dog at my house, but while I loved them very much, I never became a “dog” person. I started to obsess over cats before I even had one, like they were some missing piece of the puzzle that I knew I needed to be complete, but didn’t know why.

I Like Cats Shirt by Burger and Friends

When I got my first cat, Priscilla, 11 years ago, I felt so immediately bonded to her that I insisted it was “love” that caused her to throw up in my lap on the car ride home, and cry a few weeks later when we dropped her off at the vet’s office to get spayed. We share a special connection that I don’t have with anyone else in this world, and I swear that she can read my thoughts when I place my forehead against hers and beg her to never leave me.

So why do I like cats so much? Because they are our friends, babies, soulmates, and support systems. Because on cold winter nights they don’t have to go outside to use the bathroom, and because their comforting purrs and melodious meows are some of the most pleasing sounds on earth. Yes, I like cats very much. And if you’re here reading this, you probably do too.

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