I Know Not All of You Are Catholic Kitties, But We Can All Agree That My Easter Fashions Are to Die Fur!


Happy Good Furrday Guys!! I’m super-mega-ultra-happy that I’m sharing this day with everypawdy. No matter what religion you are or if you don’t believe in God, we all can agree on doing good in this world and today I want to do exactly that. Join me in a pray or sending good vibes to every furchild that is sick, like my furriend Donny, who is dealing with kidney purrblems.

Fur every furchild that crossed the Rainbow Bridge, like my furriend Patrick.

Fur every furchild that needs a home, like Suzy Q who is in Seattle waiting fur a good momma or daddy. Fur info about Suzy Q click Here.

And fur every child purrson or purrson who is sick or is dealing with purrblems at school, or work or at home. Fur all of you who listen to me, no matter how dark your day looks, there is always a way out to the light you just need some kitty eyes fur see better.

Easter is celebrated in different ways around the world, like fur example in many countries it’s all about the cute eggs, bunnies, and candy! It’s like that fur my furriends Zipper, Zoe, Leila, Mya and Winston that are from Canada. And Zeus and Leo from the USA.

In countries like the Philippines, they celebrate Easter in a different way, they recreate the Passion of Christ fur Good Furrday and that includes nails and the whole enchilada! But kitties there also purrfer the cute eggs, like my furriend Hami.

In many parts of Mexico we recreate the Passion of Christ as well, MINUS the nails, well except fur one place that they do that too ÔǪ crazy if you ask me, I mean Jesus already die fur you and he didn’t say "Hey BTW is your turn" LOL. Anyways, in the North of Mexico some purrsons also celebrate with egg hunting and stuff like that, which I totally approve because I look MARVELOUS in pastel colors.

On another paw, I opened some love box purrsents recently. Yeii!! It feels like is my purrday every week but fur the record my purrday is coming soon O-M-G the big 4, I don’t have ANY idea what I’m going to wear FUR REALS! Anyways I want to thank to my furriend Hershey and Puff the Magic Kitty fur making this superPAWsome mug fur me. They wanted a huge mug fur avoid interruptions on lap time, isn’t that genius? UnFURtunately they are not satisfied yet with the size but I think they are on the right track fur success.

Gasp and Die! I got this supercute tutu and neckband from my furriend Susan Donovan and furchilds LouLou and Finn! They live in Massachusetts! I hope she release that she is a LunAddict and not crazy fur reals, I mean is a big difference ÔǪ also, I hope your boyfurriend don’t google you, because you are TOTALLY going to get busted, girl! LOL

I also got a package from SimplyShe; this company make super cute dresses that you can find at Walmart, Petco and other places, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I have travel hours just fur buy their clothes. The point is, somehow they found me on facebook and notice that I have TONS of their designs so they decided to send me two cute dresses and accessories!! How PAWsome is that?! I mean, is like you get a package from Jimmy Choo with five pairs of their new collection! It’s LOCO!

And we are done fur this week guys!

I hope you enjoyed my Easter edition and If you are feeling like saving a super cute Purrsian today, visit my rescue page. You never know when you will fall in love! Don’t FURget to furriend me on Catster and to follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

Have a great Easter weekend, everyPAWdy!



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