Take It from a Cat: How to Keep a Clean House with a Kitty Furchild


Guys, today’s column is all about how to keep your house clean having a kitty furchild. Normally my tips are good fur doggies too, but let’s face it in the “cleaning department” there exist an abyss between us. (Sorry, guys, you stink no matter what!)

Anyways, purrsonally I love my fur-d├®cor around the house but my PAWrents disagree with me fur some strange reason. Here are my top tips fur get your cleaning freak on:

1. Vacuum!

Everypawdy knows that a good vacuum is a must — the downside is that a good vacuum like the Dyson Animal is $500 and up. I recommend you get a vacuum in a price point that you feel comFURtable — the point is to get ride of the fur.

Fur people that have ceramic floors (like us) or hardwood floors: Make sure the vacuum you choose is for hard floors too, otherwise you will be blowing away all the dust and fur! My momma just got a lightweight Hoover Presto Stick Vac that has been doing a good job and was only $80. In many countries the use of a vacuum is not common; fur example in Mexico, everypawdy uses a broom but a broom just blows everything away, I swear!

Cheap alternative: A wet broom does the trick better in hard floors and also carpets. Also there is the FurBeGone Pet Hair Eliminator rubber broom that has great reviews and it’s only $18.

2. Lint Rollers

Go to Costco and get a big batch — you can never have enough. We purrsonally use these fur our clothes, my daddy keep one in the car, my momma in her purse and keep one in my bag or stroller because I have to admit that I like my outfits fur-free LOL. The only furry one should be me.

Now you can buy some cute Lint Rollers — my furriends Savanah and Dubya sent me some cute ones!

Cheap Alternative: Just wet your hand and stroke your clothes, you will be fur-free in no time. Duct tape is also a great alternative and it’s always a good idea to have some around the house.

3. Pledge Fabric Sweeper

This thing really REALLY works well — my momma use it fur clean the beds and sofa.

Cheap Alternative: Wet rubber gloves or a Pet Hair Lifter Sponge $4.99, you can use them FURever!

4. Rubber Gloves

The cheapest and efficient way to clean your sofa and other surfaces. My momma use wet rubber gloves to clean my kitty condo because the sweeper doesn’t work well on this surface.

5. Litter Box Wipes

I like these wipes because they are furchild safe and you can wipe the kitty box and the scoop and doesn’t require rinsing. So when we can we like to have these at home.

Cheap Alternative: Mix two parts water with one part white vinegar and use to wipe things.

6. Natural Miracle Stain and Odor Remover

Last time I was sick we got one of this and it works very well. In Mexico, people use PINOL fur get rid of odors. Fur reals, every cantina smells like that! It seems that drunks have the same bladder control as dogs lol.

I’m not sure if this purrduct is pet safe, so I would recommend that if you use it to eliminate urine odor, put your furchild away fur the entire process and mop once again with just water to get ride to any purrduct waste. PINOL eliminates de odor FUR sure; I have seen them in Walmart and is very cheap.

Cheap Alternative: Water and vinegar solution (see above). Clean up as much of the urine as possible and saturate the area with the mixture. Let the carpet or fabric dry, or use a wet/dry vacuum on the area to absorb the liquid. Repeat as many times you need.

Also you can sprinkle baking soda and let it sit overnight; I recommend to do this after you did the water and vinegar mix.

7. Damp cloth

Use it fur clean your blinds. My momma say that is a really pain in the butt to clean them, so she first vacuum them and then cleans them with a damp cloth.

8. Dryer Sheets

We use two per load, so the clothes are as much fur free as possible. You can use them directly on your clothes too.

9. Daily grooming

Brush your furkid daily if possible, even if she/he have short hair. This of course will reduce the amount of fur flying around.

There are many tools out there fur clean and control the fur around the house, but as all things in life you have be constant!

If you are going to clean once a month I assure you that your house won’t look as neat and clean as you desire, also will be a HUGE tasks to do. Do a little every day and you will be very happy with the results.

Hope you find this tips useful, guys, and don’t furget to follow me in Facebook and Twitter fur daily updates, be my furriend here in Catster and check out my purrsians looking fur a furever home, as I always say you never know when you will fall in love!

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