Goodbye, Arizona! I’m Celebrating My Belated Purrday Tomorrow!


Happy Furrday! Finally I’m back home, and fur be honest I’m super tired, I just want to nap and nap fur days!

I know everypawdy is expecting today to be my purrday celebration, but I decided to make my purrty tomorrow so I can take a well-deserved bath ÔǪ I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I TOTALLY NEED ONE.

Fur next week, my whole column will be about my purrday. Sigh … this purrday fur sure was different, I spend my day leaving what I called home fur a long time. I spent some time in one of my FAVES spots befure we left.

At least I wore a pretty dress that day. I missed my Fancy Feast Elegant Medley cake! I always eat the whole can on my purrday, but … I didn’t want to take any chances, if you know what I mean!

Anyways, we furgot my car shades so my momma made me a tent with a towel and I have to admit that I like it better than the shade. I don’t like to TAN — I get moody.

After three hours of traveling, we left all our stuff in storage. I wonder when we will settle down. I mean, I love to be at grandma’s, but let’s face it — we can’t stay there FURever.

On the days I spent in Arizona I had the chance to meet Miss Colleen, she runs the rescue CATOPIA (don’t you LOVE the name?) in Tempe, Az. She was super nice to me and bring me a purrsent! They are making fur sale catnip toys called "FUR REALS" inspired by me! They have others, but since I’m a huge egocentric I just care fur this ones lol.

I was a good host and did tricks fur free.I give Miss Colleen a high-five and I showed my dress to her several times; many purrsons think that I just do tricks fur the treats but sometimes I just do tricks because I want to SHOW OFF. I also took a pic with her, what a nice celebrity I am FUR REALS!

Also on my way home I stopped by to say hi to two fanfurriends in Nogales. I should make a tour just fur visit all my LunAddicts — isn’t that a good idea? Anyways, one of them (Malena) had a very cute kitty that is missing right now, so sad! But that happens when you don’t get fixed, hormones get you crazy … I remember when I meet a huge fluffy white Purrsian with gold eyes… O-M-G I got to get fix a few weeks later LOL (I won’t say more).

The point is that sometimes kitties don’t find their way back home, or they get into a fight or they get into an accident, etc., is not that they don’t want to come back, I PROMISE! Fix your furchild is very impurrtant and is SUMMER kitten season, so hurry up.

And this is it fur this week. Tomorrow I will be celebrating My Purrday, guys! Feel free to stop by my Facebook fan-page fur join the belated party. I just noticed more fanfurriends contributing to COAT in honor of my purrday — thanks a lot to Sharon Zeto, Wanda Graves, Colleen Gilleran and Judy Meland.

Haven’t opened my purrsents but I got tons of Love mail, THANKS A LOT to Jayne & Company (Ohio), Jake & Elwood (Florida), Anna Shelton (Tennesse), Jennifer Brown (Canada), Parker-Mitchell (North Caroline), Zack & Zoey (CaliFURnia), Seamus (Florida), Lyn Davis (Texas), Valerie Hallam (Canada), All About Yoshi (New Jersey) and a mystery package (no name) from Oregon. I will have fun taking pics with each of one of my gifts FUR SURE!. Also I want to thank each and one of you who stopped by to wish me a Happy purrday here on Caster and on Facebook.

See you next week guys and please check out my cute Purrsians in need at my rescue page. Don’t FURget to furriend me on Catster and to follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

Have a great weekend, everypawdy!

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