GIVEAWAY and Interview with Quasi, Author of “The World is STILL Your Litterbox”


Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix heer.

I am THRILLED to be interviewing my best frend Quasi today. Quasi has ritten two grate books fur cats: The World Is Your Litter Box: A How-to Manual for Cats, and The World Is Still Your Litter Box. We’ll be giving away both books, so be shur to leeve a comment — yoo could be getting yerself a grate Krissmiss gift!

Skeezix: Quasi, how did yoo become an author?
I was William Shakespeare in a previous life, so I didnt have to do anything else except change my style a bit and write in a way that normal cats (and humans) could understand. And, taking writing classes would have been far too disruptive to my napping schedule.

Skeezix: What was the inspiration for The World Is Your Litter Box?
I really just started writing it for fun, and to amuse myself when things got a little dull around the ole homestead. But then I showed it to a couple of my kitty pals and they said, Hey, Quaz, this is pretty informative. You should put this out. Also, I felt it was my civic duty to help other cats improve their mastery over their humans in some new and different ways.

Skeezix: Why did you take time away from napping to rite The World Is STILL Your Litter Box?
Originally, I didnt intend to write a second book. I thought I would just kick back and enjoy the life of a retired writer. But then, I started getting letters and emails from kitties who had many more questions that begged for answers. This made me realize that there was much more wisdom to convey. So, I put paw to paper and voila! All this is explained more extensively in the introduction to The World Is STILL Your Litter Box.

Skeezix: I have heard that Steve guy (photo, right) taking credit for what you have written. How does that make you feel?
A very good question, Skeez. Now in all fairness, I must admit that Steve (my human) helped me with some of the multi-syllable words, and because I have no opposable thumbs, he also did the typing. Of course, now he thinks hes the new Ernest Hemmingway or something, but let me assure you all the truly creative stuff in my books came from my fertile brain, not his! But you know how humans are they always want to take credit for everything.

Skeezix: Do you rub your fur all over Steves black clothing before he dashes out the door for an important meeting?
Oh, most definitely! And I do the same with Steves female. Since they both wear black clothing a lot (they do live in L.A. after all!), and since my fur is white well, Ill leave the rest to your imagination. Mainly I do it to teach them a lesson for indiscretions such as failing to pay attention to me or doing my bidding in a timely manner!

Skeezix: How many litter boxes do you own?
Now that I have my two housemates, Bo Diddley and Piglet, we co-own two litter boxes, one upstairs and one downstairs although most of the stinkiest deposits are usually left in the downstairs box, which is in a more convenient location. And naturally, its an ongoing challenge to make sure Steve keeps our litter boxes clean.

Skeezix: Do you find you do your best work inside the litter box?
Actually, I spend as little time inside the litter box as possible for obvious reasons. And, as all cats know, when dealing with your humans, its often necessary to think outside the litter box.

Skeezix: How have cats responded to your books?
Quite honestly, the response to my books has blown my little kitty mind! I had no idea they would be so well received by the cat community. As a result of having two books out, Ive made feline friends all over the world (including you, Skeezix) and it always makes me purr with contentment when they tell me how much they enjoy the books. And as I said earlier, Im glad to be doing my little part to improve the lives of cats everywhere!

Skeezix: Is there a therd book in the werks?
There will be a third book, but it will be a little different than the first two so for now, Im keeping it a secret. Stay tuned!

Skeezix: Any closing thoughts you want to impart?
I just want to thank every cat who has read my books so far. And if you havent read them yet, let your human know that there will be NO PEACE ON EARTH until they buy them for you!

Skeezix: Well, Quasi, I’m thrilled to annownse that The Cat’s Meow is giving away one set of Quasi’s books to a lucky Cat’s Meow reader, and they’ll be shipped to arrive by Christmas!

Yoo can keep up with Quasi on The World is Your Litterbox blog.

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