Gap Cat Shirts Cover You in Kitties — Minus the Fur

We want to ask this adorable "boyfriend cat print shirt" something: Who needs the boyfriend?

Stephanie Harwin  |  Feb 8th 2013

Perhaps it’s time for Gap to start thinking about bringing back its iconic “Fall into the Gap” ad campaign — except with one minor edit: “Fall into the cat.” In preparation for crisp spring days and afternoons around the litter box, the brand has created a chic shirt, with the buttoned-up cat woman in mind.

The fitted boyfriend cat print shirt benefits from the important all-over kitty print, and looks as adorable with a pair of jeans as it does (sort of) tucked into some shorts. Feline fashionistas have three color choices, including light blue, navy, and my personal favorite, a white background with neon pink kitties, a combo reminiscent of bubblegum and pink kitty toes.

The online reviews have started to pour in, and as one happy buyer commented, “This is a novelty item that will get lots of looks and spark conversations I am sure. I love that it is so different and also being a cat lover I just had to have it!”

The long-sleeved shirts are 100-percent cotton, and are available in regular, tall, and petite sizes. Pick one up at your local Gap store, or shop online here.