Frosty the Cat Stuck in Tulsa Tree with No Hope of Rescue?


Frosty the Cat was stuck in a tree in Tulsa, OK for three days and couldn’t come down.

His owner, Jay Silva, went looking for him when he didn’t come home.

“Knowing he likes to climb, I started looking up and there he was,” Jay said.

Frosty was perched in a massive 100-year-old tree that stretched about 70 feet to the sky. Frosty had scrambled to the top, about 60 feet above the ground. He was so far up, you can see — but not hear — him yowling.

Frosty tried to descend, but with every attempt he narrowly averted a disastrous plunge to the ground. The thin twigs he was on could scarcely support his weight.

“I called the Fire Department and everyone I could think of, and no one would help,” said Silva.

“He’s starving. It’s been three days. He wants to come down but won’t come down,” Jay said.

“He’s right there and I’m like dude, I can’t help you.”

As twilight fell tonight, Jay realized that Frosty would be spending his third night in the tree.

“He’s not coming down. It’s that simple. He’s not coming down,” Jay said in frustration.

“This isn’t America, they’re just gonna let that cat die. It’s sad to me,” he said.

Fox23 in Tulsa ran this segment on the air:

After it aired, nearly every cat lover in Tulsa showed up to help deliver Frosty to terra firma. But two men in pawticular had the no-know to rescue Frosty. Randy Wilson, a retired tree trimmer, said he couldn’t go to bed without coming to help, and Gary Dillahunty with Dilly Tree Service wanted to help too.

Soon they were both scrambling up the tree and halfway to Frosty.

As they climbed, the tree shook. Frosty had a hard time hanging on to the thin limbs. Check out the video:

It wasn’t easy getting Frosty down, but working as a team Wilson and Dillahunty accomplished their mission. Frosty was too busy kissing the ground for comment.

Send your thanks to Gary Dillahunty here. He and Wilson are heroes in my book!

In a reader? Click here to watch videos.

[SOURCE: Janna Clark, FOX23 News]

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