Faz Jewelry’s Brilliantly Realistic, Wearable Cat Art

Picture-perfect rendition inhabits this new line of cat jewelry. We're hooked.

Stephanie Harwin  |  Aug 31st 2012

Here at Catster we’re partial to cute, kitty-themed accessories, especially ones modeled after real-life cats. And here’s Faz Jewelry, a pet jewelry shop that specializes in turning precious kitties into wearable works of “aww!”

The inspiration behind the line comes from designer Fa Fa Chung’s love for her own cats and dogs past and present. She combines her passion for pets, jewelry making, design, and photo editing to create the unique resin pieces for sale in her Etsy shop.

Tabbies, calicos, black cats, and Exotic Shorthairs are just some of the felines immortalized on earrings, keychains, rings, and more. Even better, if Faz doesn’t stock a style that closely resembles your own kitty, Fa Fa is happy to take custom orders.

Faz Jewelry aims to create “unique pieces that are wearable, affordable and more importantly, can bring happiness to customers and encourage people to devote more care to their pets.” We can’t think of a better reason to celebrate being a cat lover than with one of these adorable designs.

Visit Faz Jewelry on Etsy for more stylin’ kitty cuteness!