Dress Fur Impress: Halloween Edition


OMG, OCTOBER IS HERE! Welcome to a week of Halloween Fashion!!

Oh guys, I have had a pretty interesting week I wish to address the DRAMA about me being a fashionista. It seems that some purssons have some issues with it. So I want to invite you to know me FUR REALS and watch my videos, because a video talks better than 1,000 pictures, right? You will see how happy I am and how I feel purrfectly fine with my clothes.

I know Im different. Maybe you think Im not normal, but who wants to be normal when you can be FABulous? Just saying!

Anyway, here’s how I spent my week:

Friday, Sept. 30

Furrday was a busy day! I helped decorate my office. It was a Halloween extravaganza!

As usual, I ended up buying more stuff at HomeGoods. I never have enough decorations!

I wore a super cute dress in blue and pink, one of my FAVE color combinations. This one gets extra points because in the back it says cutie.”

Saturday, Oct. 1

Caturday was hard, guys. My furriend Lisa was trying to adopt Ivan, a Purrsian who was abandoned by his family, but poor Ivan was so sad that he grieved himself to death. :(

I want to thank Lisa fur visiting him and caring fur him in his last days.

On the bright side, I finally got my new fountain. Im still testing it!

P.S. Did you check out my dress? It’s a purple ghost dress with polka dots! Let me tell you something: Polka dots are the BOMB! The dress was a gift from my fanfurriend Linda!

Sunday, Oct. 2

Sunday was movie day! Oh, gosh. I watched Cats vs Dogs and it was horrible because we are the bad guys AS ALWAYS ÔÇö PLUS the megavillain was a PURRSIAN!! Hollywood, you are not helping me!!

Also, I went to Mass and the priests give me a private blessing (because my momma FURgot to take me to the blessing of the furkids on Caturday … dont get me started with that).

Fur Mass I wont be wearing Halloween fashion ÔÇö it’s a HUGE no-no, like going to Mass in pants with the letters JUICY on your butt!

So on Sunday I wore a sweet rose and lavender dress.

Monday, Oct. 3

O-M-G!! Is my Monday dress AMAZING or what? My furriend Lynn made it fur me and it was purrfect fur my Halloween extravaganza inauguration!

Hello, kitty mommies! One word: PURRFECTION!!

Tuesday, Oct. 4

TUTU Tuesday was soo much fun!! My entire outfit was a purrsent from Wendy ÔÇö thank you, girl! I know how many feel about horizontal stripes, but I look PAWsome! Also the shirt had a feather at the bottom! FEATHERS!

Black tutu and orange trim complete the look!

I know. IRRESISTIBLE! I even got a stalker! That black birdie checked me out all day long. Fur proof, check this.

Wednesday, Oct. 5

Wednesdays are hard … the weekend seems sooo far away!

I wore a ghost dress with polka dots, just a fun little dress.

Comfy and fun ÔÇö gotta love it!

Thursday, Oct. 6

Holy kittens!! I got a bunch of purrsents from my furriend Kelly Wolf! She lives in New York! LOVE IT!!

Didnt have anything to wear fur Thanksgiving ÔÇö purrblem solved!

Fur Thursday I wore a black dress with striped orange trim and sparkly pumpkin in the back. I like to mix stripes with polka dots, so my bow is orange with black polka dot, super chic!

And that was it, guys! I want to give special thanks to my fanfurriend Kelly Wolf, who had a shopaholic blackout and sent me soo many cute things fur me to wear!

Dont furget to check out my Catster purrfile!! If you are not yet my fan in Facebook, what are you waiting fur? More impurrtant, please visit my Purrsian Rescue page at my website!

Remember: Always dress fur impress, because life is too short fur blending in!


P.S. Check out my latest Lunatoon!

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