Does Your Cat Fight Crime in His Spare Time?


Cats can fly through the air, make time stand still, and (seemingly) teleport from one side of the room to the other ÔÇö all of which makes them natural candidates for being superheroes. If your cats are among the feline few who think they have what it takes to go paw to paw with the likes of Spider-Man and Batman, here are eight items to help make their dreams of crime-fighting greatness come true!

1. Cat Spider-Man 5-by-7 Print by Line Drawing ÔÇö Spider-Cat, Spider-Cat, does what whatever a Spider-Cat does!

Cats wish they were as acrobatic as arachnids, and given the chance would happily bound across rooftops and swing through the air fighting feline crime. Tobey Maguire might have been able to make Mary Jane swoon in the Spider-Man film series, but I’m pretty sure she’d find this costumed kitty equally hard to resist!

2. Custom Superhero Pet Cape by Super BabyPop Designs ÔÇö Any cats worth their nip know that whiskers alone aren’t enough to battle the forces of evil.

Every supercat needs a disguise, and this custom kitty cape will leave your feline prowling under the radar and give a much needed lift when flying across town to rescue kittens in distress.

3. Superhero Cat Totem by Artistique ÔÇö Cats are known for bringing good luck, and what better way to guarantee a little extra protection at all times than with your very own pocket-sized superkitty!

In addition to being criminally adorable, Louie ÔÇö the world’s most daring superhero cat ÔÇö also has special powers which include telekinesis, the power of flight, supersonic speed, and an electrifying sense of humor!

4. The Crimefighter Pet ID Tag by BowWowzerZ ÔÇö My cat Priscilla loves to throw swings at her feline nemesis, which is why I’m pretty sure she’d appreciate this kick-butt “POW!” ID tag.

All the neighborhood wildlife will know your cat means business when they stroll up (to the window, that is) sporting this striking piece of pop art, inspired by the comics you grew up with.

5. Wonder Kitty Tote Bag by Cathy Peng ÔÇö Let’s not forget that girls can be superheroes, too!

This fierce tote represents the strong female feline force, and is great for packing essential supplies for your Wonder Kitty in Training.

6. Custom Portrait of Three Pets as Superheroes by Pets Are Superheroes ÔÇö If outfitting your felines in flashy duds isn’t enough to satisfy their superhero daydreams, one Etsy illustrator will bring those fantasies to life with a colorful custom print showing your cat looking fit and fight-ready in a suit that would leave Catwoman herself running scared.

7. Superhero Pincushion by Fat Cat Crafts ÔÇö It’s a bird, it’s a plane … it’s a pincushion?!

Yep, this pudgy kitty doubles as an adorable spot to stash your needles, and will turn any sewing session into a superhero-worthy affair!

8. I Rescue Cats, What’s Your Super Power? Badge by the Dog Coat Lady ÔÇö The real heroes of this world are the dedicated people who work tirelessly to save homeless kitties ÔÇö and donate their time, money, and resources to making sure the cats have full bellies and safe places to sleep.

They may not dress in fancy disguises or be immediately recognizable, but on the inside they are some of the most kind, amazing people, deserving of thanks and praise for being true superheroes to cats in need!

About the Author: Stephanie Harwin is the founder of, an award-winning cat culture blog dedicated to her passion for finding and sharing all of the coolest cat-related content online. Read more about her here.

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