Custom Kitty Art by Nobility Cats and Pets

Sign up your cat for a regal makeover and find her image on a custom pendant or fine art print.

Stephanie Harwin  |  Jan 16th 2013

Sandra Sij of Nobility Cats and Pets is a huge animal lover who owns nine dogs and finds artistic inspiration in her canine and feline friends.

The Swiss designer decided to take her animal admiration one step further, to show that pets are not just companions and supporting figures in art, but the main protagonists, who deserve a starring role. Using the works of famous artists from the early 20th century, she digitally manipulates a wide array of cat images to create a unique breed of art.

Sij started off by using her own pups as inspiration before moving on to her friends’ pets. It wasn’t long before she opened her own Etsy shop, offering dozens of fine art prints and handmade ceramic pendants depicting her refined feline creations.

If you can’t find your kitty among her nobility, she gladly takes custom orders to turn your cat into a one-of-a-kind piece of art that can be worn or displayed on your wall.

Is your cat ready to get a mew-velous makeover of their own? Visit Nobility Cats and Pets to sign them up for the royal treatment.