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Are you a crazy cat lady? An undercover crazy cat lady? A borderline crazy cat lady?

If you think no outfit is complete without cat hair and a house is not a home unless it’s full of sweet purrs of fur, then here are some fun products you just might need.

Be proud of your cat-ladyness and show it off for the world to see!

Cat lady pin by badideasleepover on Etsy.

Mousepad by mirrorgirl on Etsy.

Pendant from rhondiecreations on Etsy.

Wall art by DesignsByNancyT.

Wall hanging from HeartWorks.

Crazy cat lady Converse by MeganCobain.

I have to admit I have that mousepad up there! It’s on my desk at my office, and it makes me smile every single time I look at it. Love it!

Do you have any crazy cat leader gear? Would you?