Cozy Cat Cocoon


New Age Cat Cocoon for Your Feline Friends!

If the Jetsons had a cat, she might lounge in something like this cat cocoon. In fact, Astro might want a doggie version for himself. If you’re tired of cat furniture looking like, well, cat furniture, check out this multifunctional design from One Form who describes it as:

A sculptural, multi-functional pet furniture. An alternative to a scratching post, cat tree, and condo. It is at the same time a lounger, a scratching pod, a playhouse, a secured hiding place and a piece of sculpture in a room.

I like that they use corrugated cardboard and water-based glue — materials that are more eco-friendly than most. I’m sure it will look a little raggedy once Fluffy claws it to pieces, but at first glance: WOW!

If the intent is to encourage your cat to use it as a scratcher, the physics might prove challenging. It looks as if there would be nothing to stop the cat from pulling the cocoon atop of herself while scratching. With your standard rectangular scratcher, the cat’s weight holds down the scratcher, but unless your cat climbs atop the cocoon to scratch, there’s nothing to hold it down.

But that might not be an issue. At $279.00 plus $15.00 shipping (continental U.S.), you probably don’t want Fluffy utilizing the scratcher function. Go to for info on how to purchase.

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