Contest: Mother’s Day “Best Cat Mom” Award


Hey evrybuddy, Skeezix here. Wanna win 50 zealies???

This week, The Cat’s Meow is running a contest for the “Best Cat Mom” Award to celebrate Mother’s Day and evrything owr Food Ladies do fur us. They are the unsung heroines beehind our blogs and Catster aktivities, and if it wuzn’t fur them we’d have to exist on a diet of raw mice insted of Fansy Feest Sliced Turkey in Gravy and Temtayshuns and a swig of toona joose now and then.

So, tell us abowt yer Food Lady and all the speshul things she duz fur yoo.

The Grand Prize winner will get the following prize package:

  • 50 zealies
  • A pink Skeezix the Cat Cap (also avail. in green or bloo)
  • A Catster T-shirt

Leave your entry in the comments field of this post and add a foto of yoo and yer mom if yoo can. Tell us whut makes YER Food Lady the best cat mom ever. Make shur to put in a valid emale/url when yoo sine in so we can give yoo yer prize if yoo win. Yoo are welcome to enter withowt leeving this info, but only entries that are sined in with a valid URL (i.e. Catster Profile page) and/or emale address will be elijible fur prizes.

All Catsters, Dogsters, and cats with blogs can enter. Multiple pet howseholds may combine thare entries or submit seprit entries.

No limitayshuns. Can be fotos, text, poetry, anything that can go into a comments box. Yoo can’t embed videos, but yoo can link to them if yoo like. Just keep it G-rated… cuz kittens reed this, yoo know. Restrain image width to no more than 550 pixels wide.
Use the following format to add an image to yer comment:

The Cat’s Meow staff will chooze the winning entry for the best entry submitted. Yoo’ll git points fur orijinality, humor, pathos, and execution. (I dunno whut pathos meens, but it looks good, duzn’t it?)

5pm Catster time on Saturday, 9 May.

The winner will be annownst, and the winning entry published on Mother’s Day.

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