Cats Wearing Glasses: 10 Art Prints You’ve Got to See


I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to put a pair of glasses on a cat, but it’s not easy. The bridge of the nose doesn’t stick out quite far enough, and then there’s that whole issue of a cat’s ears being on top of the head, making anchoring the glasses in place difficult. I would venture to say that most cats don’t enjoy wearing glasses anyway (except Luna the Fashion Kitty, of course), so the easiest way to get your cute kitty spectacle fix is through cats-wearing-glasses art on Etsy. I mean, did you know that there is a whole genre of products out there dedicated to the fine art of feline eyewear? Well, neither did I, until I found these 10 great cat prints that brought my bespectacled obsession back in to focus.

1. Sleepy Cat with Glasses Art Print by Corella Design

Cat-eye glasses were inspired by kitties, so while cats don’t have the need to wear them, they still look super cute when they do. Also, I’m sure many of us can relate to the familar look of resignation in cats’ eyes, when they realize that the sooner they pose for the picture, the sooner the torture will be over with!

2. Hip Cat 5 x 7 Illustration Print by Nan Lawson

The motif of cats wearing glasses has become a full-on fashion trend, and in the tradition of pretty kitties wearing fancy frames, this creamy Siamese represents right down to her rosy cheeks.

3. Watercolor Cat Painting by Thimble and Sparrow

As if this rendering of a moon-eyed, pink-nosed feline wearing a pair of glasses weren’t cute enough, it also appears that the artist was inspired by the Internet’s latest cat obsession, an Exotic Shorthair named Snoopy!

4. Cat in Glasses 3 Photographic Print by Instantt

Artist Robin Sharp uses her three cats — an Ocicat named Juan, a Siamese named Hershey, and a black cat named Shmoo — as the subjects behind her digitially enhanced works of art. Seriously, her skills are so good, they’ll have you wondering whether a tiny line of hipster glasses for cats really does exist (and wondering where you can buy them).

5. Watercolor Cat Eye Print by Water in My Paint

This glitzy watercolor only goes to show that cat-eye glasses can up the glam factor of any creature, human or feline.

6. Gee Whiskers Series 5 x 7 Print by Fancy Seeing You Here

What’s cooler than a kitty wearing hipster glasses? A pair of studious felines sporting geek chic bowties to match.

7. Original Mixed Media Glasses Cat by Emma Draws

Artist Emma Lee brings the idea of cats in glasses to another dimension, enhancing her adorable cat illustratration with a pair of stand-out wooden frames.

8. Copycat Handmade Linocut Print by Emily Sartori

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: This cat is so cool, he was listening to Cat Power when she was still a kitten.

9. Office Cat Says No More TPS Reports Please 8 x 10 Print by Olive Hue Designs

Whether you’re a fan of Office Space or can just relate to the plight of the corporate kitty slave, Business Cat 2.0 is here to remind you to submit your TPS reports with the correct cover sheet.

10. Leopard Kitty with Glasses Mini Painting by Kiki Stardust

Bespectacled leopard cats don’t exist in nature, but that shouldn’t stop you from going wild over this mini painting, which freely mixes pink paws with a bit of kitsch purrfectly hidden between those spots.

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