5 Tips to Be a Kitty Video Star and Win the Catdance Film Festival


Hello Hello! I’m feeling EXTRA happy because the show The World’s Most Pampered Pets finally aired and I was the first one to appear on it. I’m sorry that we can’t see it in America but don’t worry I’m sure somebody will upload it in YouTube soon … God bless the hackers FUR REALS.

The point is now I’m BIG in Europe. Maybe I should move there because America you are letting me down!! Where is my Animal Planet feature? Anyways, if you happen to be in the U.K. click here to watch the clip!

In another news, Fresh Step Litter is hosting an event called Catdance Film Festival and I was invited to be part of the Feline Arts Council! Meaning that I will be helping to select the finalists — how MEGAPAWsome is that??

If any of my LunAddicts is into filmmaking with your furchilds, all you have to do is to submit your short film by Sept. 3, 2013. (I know — hurry up!) The 5 finalists will fly to Park City, Utah, to attend Catdance fur the premiere of the films and the Grand Winner of $50,000 will be selected by the viewers.

I should totally quit the Council job and submit one of my videos fur REALS, can you imaging all the shopping? I don’t have ANY idea why the Council is called “Feline” because I’m the only kitty there! If you want to check the other girls that are part of the Council, click here.

Bottom line: The videos need to be short between 1 to 4 minutes, and it’s very imPURRtant that the story line is about US cats. Obviously at least one cat needs to appear on the video, the video should be smart, funny, quirky and/or picky. Fur more details you need to check the Catdance Film Festival page

I think it’s pretty fun to make videos, my momma and I used to make many because as you know I’m an excellent CATress!

Do you remember me playing Snow White?? No? Here is the video!

Or what about my MEGAULTRAFAB acting where BULLETS were getting me FUR every angle???

Seriously everyPAWdy is lucky that I’m not participating!

But I bet you are thinking: What do I need to make a pawsome video?? Well is not as hard as you might think. Here are my top 5 advices fur making a cute kitty video!

1. Have a Good Story

What do you want to say? Sometimes your furchild will give you the story line, other times you find inspiration watching in our daily routine.

2. Make it Funny and Sweet

Hello? You shouldn’t have any purrblem with this, because by nature we are funny and super sweet.

3. Make it Short

Purrsons don’t like long videos online, that’s a FACT! EveryPAWdy on the Internet acts like they live in New York City, run, run, run, I don’t have time fur this NEXT! Many even adopt the bitchy CATitude!

4. Know your PURRformer

We don’t purrform when YOU want, PERIOD! But lucky FUR you we love our routines, so you as a PAWrent should know when we do what, based on our busy napping schedule.

5. Less PURRsons more Kitty Action

FUR REALS It bothers me a lot to watch videos were the PAWrents think they are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt acting soooo bad and with only random shoots of the kitty! I won’t say names but some are very famous kitties.

So guys doesn’t matter if you want to enter a film contest or just make cute family videos, you can achieve anything you want if you do it with PATIENCE and LOVE! Thanks a lot fur read my column this FURday, and if you are going out just be careful, if you drink don’t drive! If you flirt well … you know! Stay safe!

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About Luna: Luna is a Fashion Diva Extraordinaire, she have been a Catster columnist since 2011. She have been featured in many publications and was even mentioned in FORBES.com. She likes to shop and help Persians Cats that are homeless. She lives with her momma and daddy and is expecting a baby brother… she is not very happy with the future new addition to the family but is hanging in there.

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