Catching Up on the Catosphere: “My Cat from Hell,” “The Girl with the Kitten Tattoo,” and the First-Ever Hello Kitty Restaurant


In books, television, music, and social media, cats love to have their paws in every aspect of society. This week’s cats in pop culture are a motivated bunch who play instruments, inspire restaurants, and won’t sleep until they’re taking up every corner of the world ÔÇö and the bed.

What The Kitten Covers has done for classic album art, Abe Books has done for literature with its catified versions of timeless books. In addition to The Girl With The Kitten Tattoo, the bookseller has also reimagined classics such as Flowers in the Cattic, Lord of the Fleas, and A Tale of Two Kitties as part of its Put a Cat on It! campaign.

Is there anything more precious than baby animals having a full-on lovefest? This squee-worthy clip of Faline the fawn grooming Boots the kitten is possibly the cutest thing you’ll see on the web this week.

Season 2 of Animal Planet’s My Cat from Hell kicked off on Saturday night with a hormonal lady cat named Larry and a Pilates-phobic feline named Ruby. I interviewed host Jackson Galaxy onCatsparella, where he opened up about the show’s controversial title, gave me the scoop on his upcoming book, and answered the question of who would win in a cat fight between him and Must Love Cats host John Fulton!

Aspiring Keyboard Cats, rejoice! Pancake the Exotic kitty recently put on his best necktie and tried his paw at making some tunes on the aptly titled Meowsic Piano. The feline-friendly instrument comes with seven witty kitty songs to play along with and a retractable mic (for all that caterwauling). It even purrs itself off when it’s not in use!

Mark de Vinck’s wife missed their new cat, Chester, while she was away at work, so he created the Kitty Twitty to keep her updated on the cat’s affairs. The device consists of a brightly painted box with a switchboard inside, and a cat toy attached to a wire on top, allowing Chester to post automatic Twitter updates with the flick of a paw. If you’re feeling crafty, instructions to make one of your own are available at Make Projects.

I know I’m not the only one who has spent nights flattened against a wall or scrunched up in a ball while my cat enjoys full access to the bed. The “How to Sleep with a Cat” gif, taken from the Japanese manga Nichijou, comically illustrates the universal problem all sleep-deprived cat owners can relate to.

This video of a ginger kitty using its best kung fu moves on a singing birthday card has been making the rounds, but it isn’t the first time the meowing greeting has totally ruined a tabby’s day. Take a look back at nine more examples of cats (plus one baby) versus the same musical card!

If you’re thinking of visiting the first ever Hello Kitty restaurant in China, be sure to make reservations first! The themed eatery opened in Beijing on December 23, and is so popular, that many disappointed patrons are being turned away. The restaurant, which features all-pink decor and Hello Kitty-themed food, sounds like fun, but you may want to think twice before showing up hungry. In addition to the long waiting list, one customer jokingly told China Daily that the food was “too cute to eat.”

About the Author: Stephanie Harwin is the founder of, an award-winning cat culture blog dedicated to her passion for finding and sharing all of the coolest cat-related content online. Read more about her here.

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