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We Adore Monstruito’s Whimsical Felt Cats

Spruce up any space with these multicolored plush kitties.

Stephanie Harwin  |  Aug 22nd 2012

I’m always up for adding a POC (pop of cat) to any room in need of a fresh, feline makeover, and these bright, kitty-shaped pillows by Monstruitos do just the trick. They’re playful enough to be used as a doll or a decoration, and come in a wide variety of smile-inducing shades that can be mixed and matched to any decor.

Moira from Monstruitos uses felt to create her whimsical plush cats, along with darling accessories like vibrant swirly brooches and coin purses.

In addition to coordinating her kitties with every shade of the rainbow, I also adore Moira’s sweet patterned pussycats, decked out in hearts and stripes to complement any style.

Kids are sure to get a kick out of these fun, felted creations, but the hip cats are destined to be a hit with cat lovers of all ages. Visit the Monstruitos Etsy shop to find out how to adopt one of these cuddly cuties of your own!