Cat Chic: We’re All About the Kitty Leggings


Until a few months ago, I wasn’t someone who wore leggings. It wasn’t that I was against them; I just didn’t see myself as someone who was confident enough to rock such form-fitting legwear. Then one fateful day I pulled a pair off a sale rack on a whim, and now I’m that girl who never wants to wear regular pants again (although I do anyway).

I haven’t ventured too far out of my comfort zone yet, content to wear basic black shades of nonpants, but as my confidence grows, I’m increasingly open to mixing it up with colorful shades and patterns. My current obsessions are these vintage cat clip-art print leggings from kooky cat sweater purveyors Pretty Snake, which come in gray or hot pink (the latter of which is my favorite). Also making the sartorial cut are the equally daring feline leggings by WOWCH, which are cool if you’re into putting your best foot forward with the help of a pretty white kitty on each kneecap.

Whatever your decide, I suggest that unless you’re keen on catching a draft, you’ll want to make sure that your cat’s claws are trimmed before letting her near your new purchases. While the “shredded” look is favored by some, there’s nothing worse than getting a claw hooked in your stocking as you’re heading out the door on a hot date with the cat guy of your dreams.

About the Author: Stephanie Harwin is the founder of, an award-winning cat culture blog dedicated to her passion for finding and sharing all of the coolest cat-related content online. Read more about her over here.

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