Book Review: Dewey the Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World


The Famous Library Cat From Spencer, Iowa

Hi evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. Me and my Food Lady are reeding a grate book rite now: Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World. I ferst herd abowt Dewey frum Snuzzy, and we coodn’t wate to order his book.We were going to rite a review of the Dewey book, but my best frends Kimo and Sabi rote a review that was so good I asked them if I could reprint thares. They rote it to purrmote a giveaway thare having on thare blog: thare giving away FIVE copies of the book. So win yoo git done reeding thare review, hop on over to thare blog and submit an entry to win a copy of this grate book!… Take it away Kimo and Sabi!

Dewey Readmore Books. Thats his full name da famous library cat from Spencer, Iowa. He wuz a furry handsome floofy ginger dood. That is who this book is about. This is a TRUE story, and thats whut makes it SO special. It is written by da nice lady who found Dewey in da return book drop box at da library. Can you believe that?! Some doofus put a cute fur baby in da book drop box on a furry cold winter night but luckily he was saved by da library lady . . . AND da whole town!

This story began in da late 80s when da economy in Spencer, Iowa (and most farm communities) was in da litterbox, but Deweys purrsonality brought life back to da town and brought inspiration, hope, and love back into da lives of da peoples of da town. Peoples started coming from all over da werld to visit Dewey at da Spencer library. Dewey ruled da library fer 19 years! He liked all kinds of peoples from old to blurpy.

This wuz Deweys job description at da library (excerpt from da book):

  • Reducing stress for all humans who pay attention to him.
  • Sitting by the front door every morning at 9:00 am to greet the public as they enter the library.
  • Sampling all boxes that enter the library for security problems and comfort level.
  • Attending all meetings in the Round Room as official library ambassador.
  • Providing comic relief for staff and visitors whenever possible.
  • Climbing in book bags and briefcases while patrons are studying or trying to retrieve needed papers underneath him.
  • Generating free national and world-wide publicity for Spencer Public Library. (This entails sitting still for photographs, smiling for the camera, and generally being cute.)
  • Working toward status as world’s most finicky cat by refusing all but the most expensive, delectable foods—and even turning up his nose at those most of the time.

He hadded his own heated kitty cup and he snoopervised da library staff by riding on da book cart to make sure they put da books back in da right spot. He wus furry punctual and always greeted da library director wif a wave in da morning. He would curl up on da lap of a little blurp during story time. He even hadded a wild adventure out of doors then he realized he hadded a pretty good gig at da library.

Once you start reading this book you will not be able to put it down or in our case, we gotted it on audio CD and we hadded to make excuses fer Mommakitty to drive us around town so we could finish it! Anyhoo . . .

Abowt the Reviewers:

  • Visit Kimo on Catster
  • Visit Sabi on Catster
Thank yoo, Kimo and Sabi, for being gest reviewers today!

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