Auto-Twitter Device for Cats Unveiled by Sony


At BlogPaws I got to see a demo of Mattel’s new product Puppy Tweets, now available for pre-order for shipment this Fall. Using motion-sensor technology, it auto-tweets your pup’s daily activities. Very cool, but I was bummed that there was no similar product for Twitter-savvy cats.

So you might have heard me squeal for joy when I learned that Sony has just unveiled a “lifelogging” device for cats: Cat@Log (“cat-a-log”). Prototyped as part of a collaboration with the University of Tokyo, it is equipped with a camera, an acceleration sensor, and a GPS to record the daily activities of a cat.

It uses the acceleration sensor to guesstimate the current activities of a cat — such as walking, sleeping and eating.

It’s designed to be used with Twitter and auto-tweets based on the activities. For example, it might post a comment like “This tastes good” when a cat is nom nom nomming.

Currently there are only 11 phrases available (and let’s see, I’m guessing that most of them are related to napping), but Sony CSL has plans to build up the number of phrases in the database and add a function to change comments contingent on a preceding action. For example, if a cat eats something after taking a walk, a comment like “Meals taste better after a walk” is posted on Twitter.

The device weighs 5% or less of a cat’s weight and can be attached like a collar.

The device also features feline face recognition technology, using the camera embedded in the device.

Alas, no word on when this gizmo will be available for purchase

[SOURCE: Tech-On]

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