Cats in Art
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Art We Heart: Ola Liola’s Gorgeous Kitty Illustrations

Step inside a dreamlike world through the artist's intricately drawn animal portraits.

Stephanie Harwin  |  Jun 15th 2012

I was immediately drawn to artist Ola Liola’s watercolor illustrations because of their intricate designs and eye-catching color combinations. It’s not unusual to see a whole new world inside of her expertly drawn animals, which begin with all of the regular features of an ordinary cat and are then transformed by a brilliant layer of butterfly-like skin.

Liola aims to create “strong experiences that spark the curiosity to explore the world around us and dream,” and it’s not surprising that she admits to having “an obsession for small details and patterns.”

In a world filled with software trickery and digital design, it’s refreshing to admire her hand-drawn illustrations, which are created using only watercolors and ink. To see more of Ola’s work, visit her Etsy shop at called Teva Gallery.