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Presenting to You the Winner of the Petsmart Costume Giveaway!

I am thrilled to announce that the winner of the Petsmart Halloween Costume Giveaway on the Cat’s Meow Blog is Fancy! Fancy appears on the , and lives in Florida – the only black cat in a house of orange cats: pretty Halloweeny, eh? Here’s Fancy’s winning entry:

“Hi, dis is Fancy from the Cheezits blog. Im the black kitteh, not one of da orangey ones. And dats why I need da cool Angel Wings costume, because I stand out! I am da only black kitteh in dis house.

Now, I like how pretty my nice pantherish coat looks, but some beans fink black cats are bad luck! Isnt that silly?

Wif da angel wings, efurrybody would look at me and say, Look at dat nice black kitteh, shes not a bad luck kitteh, shes just a little angel! And den I would get more treats!

Plus, I would be striking a blow for black kittehs efurrywhere! Panther Power!

And..umI fink I would look kinda pretty in da cool Angel Wings, too.”

Fancy, we think you’d look pretty in the Angel wings, too. Concatulations!

Don’t furget to visit Halloween Central at Petsmart for all your costume needs.