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Petsmart recently sponsored a Holiday giveaway
exclusively for the Cat’s Meow, and Christopher was chosen by the panel of judges as the winner.

Christopher is a year-old blind kitten who loves to run and play just like any other kitten. And as you can plainly see, he’s a snappy dresser!

Here’s Christopher’s arrival story:

I was a throwaway left behind with a bowl of food. Luckily I didn’t run into traffic or something. I am very loving and trusting. Mommy noticed my eyes wandered and then I walked into the wall at her job (I hadn’t learned my way around there yet.) She took me home. I am fragile and it looks like I might be a shrimpy boy. Thats ok. Shrimps are cool =)

Concats, Christopher, on your win, and thanks to all the entrants! And thank you, Petsmart!