Act Fast to Win a Caboodle and Doodle!

Karen Nichols  |  Sep 29th 2009

Caboodle, Puutty Power and have teamed up for a contest to exploit your creativity! Decorate a Caboodle to win a $100 shopping spree at Puutty Power.

If you’ve already got a Caboodle, grab a set of magic markers and set free your imagination. You have until November 1st to doodle on your Caboodle and submit a contest photo.

Don’t have one? Enter a drawing to win one of 20 that are being given away at moderncat, or buy one at the Caboodle store.

Caboodles are corrugated habitats for cats, manufactured with a small carbon footprint. They are connectable and customizable.

Drawing for the free Caboodle is tomorrow, so click right over to enter!