A SUPER MEGA SERIOUS Interview with My Daddy-to-Be!


Hello, everypawdy! I know you guys missed my column last week, but fur now on my column is going to be twice a month. Don’t cry fur me, my LunAddicts! Maybe some day I will be able to do my column every Furrday.

We are still trying to find some stability in our life, and if that wasn’t enough, my momma have a boyfurriend and I have the duty to find out if he is good fur us. God knows that woman can’t think straight right, her hormones are going crazy. Oh yeah, I know that stuffs! Such a pity that purrsons can’t get fixed like us!

Anyways, in my effort to rescue Purrsians, now and then I read this horrible stories about kitties being dumped in the shelter because their momma is getting married or that they are moving or crap like that! Is NO WAY I’m letting that happen to me, so I decide to make a SUPERMEGAULTRASERIOUS interview to my momma’s boyfriend.

Q. What are your intentions with my momma?

A: I love her and I want to marry her. Are you okay with that?

Q. How long have you known my mom? As far as I’m concerned you could be a serial killer or a cat hater!

A: 12 years.

Q. Where did you meet her?
A: At college. It was love at first sight. When I saw her, I knew she was my soulmate.

Q. Then why you took 12 years?

A: Because your momma is hard to get! She’s a diva, like you. But I love her anyway.

Q. What is it that you like the most about her?

A: I’m going to give you the PG13 answer. I love her face!

Q. Do you like kitties??

A: Honestly, I’m a dog lover, but you know I love you already. Who’s your daddy?

Q. Do you like shopping?

A: Yes, I’m a very smart shopper.

Q. Are you going to mess up with our shopping budget?

A: I don’t think you two need any more clothes for the next 10 years.

Q. What’s your favorite color?

A: Yellow.

Q. How do you feel about pink and purrple?

A: They’re actually part of my top five favorite colors. I’m not afraid to wear pink or purple.

Q. I hear that you have develop some kind of ALLERGY. Is this because of me? If is the answer is YES, what are you going to do about it?

A: It is not because of you, so don’t worry!

Q. So if you marry my momma, and God FURbids but she DIES — what are you going to do with me? Are you going to send me to a shelter? Are you going to send me with my grandma or WHAT?

A: I will keep you, because you are part of your mom and you will always remind me of her.

Okay, okay! I couldn’t be a hard bitch fur so long — the guy gives the best massages ever! Fur everypawdy that is starting a relationship, make sure that your furchilds will be accepted. That should be your priority! FUR REALS!

Have a great weekend, guys! Don’t forget to join me on Catster, get in touch on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter. Last but not least, check my Purrsians in need, and remember that very often Purrsians are dumped in shelters or rescues because purrsons think we are too much work. Ugghh, makes me SUPERMAD. Is like someone that want a fancy car but don’t want to EVER wash it or put gas in it! Anyways, please help saving a Purrsian today!



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